Cancer immunotherapy is now established as a promising way to treat cancer with the clinical success of therapeutics targeting immune checkpoints. As the field rapidly evolves, tremendous interesthas been generated in the identification of novel immunotherapeutic targets and the development of biomarkers to guide the use of immunotherapies in the most appropriate patients. Creative Biolabs has established the SuPrecision™ platform to offer accurate and high-throughput sequencing services. With years of experience in NGS field, we provide a great deal of useful data in the clinical diagnosis of many diseases, especially cancers.

Co-inhibitory Immune Checkpoint Pathways

The success of cancer immunotherapy has generated tremendous interest in identifying new immunotherapeutic targets. Inhibition of immune checkpoint proteins can reduce the ability of the tumor microenvironment to suppress host antitumor immunity. Immune checkpoint inhibitor has been one of the most significant advances in the anticancer therapy in the past decade. Many immune checkpoint inhibitors have already shown remarkable clinical efficacy in various types of cancers.

Co-stimulatory Immune Checkpoint Pathways

Cancer immunotherapy that targets immune checkpoints is a promising new treatment option in several tumor entities and is currently developing at a breathtaking speed. During the activation of lymphocytes, co-stimulatory molecules are often crucial to the development of an effective immune response. Co-stimulatory molecules are required in addition to the antigen-specific signal from their antigen receptors.

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To assist with your cancer research, Creative Biolabs has collected and created useful documents available for free downloads, such as infographic of NGS technology, brochures of sequencing for cancer service. These resources can help you better understand your option and make critical decisions for your program. If you don't find what you need, please contact us and we are glad to help you.

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