Targeted Sequencing Bioinformatics Analysis

Creative Biolabs has developed an effective bioinformatics tool that can analyze and manage vast quantities of targeted sequencing data. Our bioinformatics solutions are available as standalone services for bioinformatics projects, as well as in conjunction with our Targeted Sequencing Services. With flexible and customizable service options, Creative Biolabs offers complete and effective solutions for your projects.

The Background of Targeted Sequencing

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) has replaced Sanger sequencing as the primary methodology employed by researchers to identify novel disease genes. The ability to simultaneously analyze multiple genes at a cheaper cost per base makes it an attractive solution for diagnostic testing of genetically heterogeneous disorders. NGS technologies have opened new opportunities for inspecting and understanding genomic and transcriptomic sequences providing a wealth of new data. Whole-genome sequencing is now technically feasible; however, it is still expensive to run, and in many cases, only specific genomic regions are being sequenced. Targeted sequencing by NGS is an approach to interrogate specific loci in the genome and describes a strategy in which a specific set of genes related to the patient’s phenotype are analyzed within the context of a genetic “test”. Thus, targeted sequencing has become a common tool for interrogating at once several loci or all coding regions of the genome at a relatively low cost. Because of its low cost, targeted sequencing is now becoming widely used in oncology for detection of actionable mutations, such as mutations influencing cell sensitivity to targeted therapies.

Targeted Sequencing Bioinformatics Analysis

Targeted Sequencing Bioinformatics Analysis Service in Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs has explored a highly efficient tool that takes the information of the mapped reads and the coordinates of the targeted regions as input files and generates a comprehensive report. Customers can provide raw data from their NGS runs. Our bioinformatics solutions help researchers make sense of all the base calls. All of our bioinformatics analysis services are performed by a group of specially trained and seasoned scientists.

Applications of Targeted Sequencing Bioinformatics Analysis Including but Not Limited to:

  • Discover germline or somatic mutations
  • Detect and quantify rare variants
  • Detect low-frequency alleles
  • High-throughput genotyping
  • Identification of biomarkers associated with a disease state
  • Design genetic tests, such as for pharmacogenomics or oncology.
  • To characterize a genetic association as a particular phenotype, such as a drug response

Key Advantages of Targeted Sequencing Bioinformatics Analysis Service Including but Not Limited to:

  • High sensitivity
  • Accurate results associated with the deep coverage.
  • Flexibility to meet every unique client’s need
  • Highly seasoned bioinformatics specialists
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Cost-effective

Creative Biolabs has developed a wide range of NGS data analysis tools to offer the most comprehensive analysis of the raw data provided by our global clients. Our seasoned targeted sequencing bioinformatics specialists will analyze the data and provide a detailed report. Our scientists also offer free post-delivery support to help interpret the analysis.

Please contact us for more information and a detailed quote.

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