Cell Banking

Establishing a cell bank system ensures that a uniform and intact cell population is maintained and that sufficient material supply is provided for the development of monoclonal antibody or recombinant protein cell lines, which is a key factor in the production of consistent biological products.

At Creative Biolabs, we follow the industry-standard double-layer cell bank system that provides a cGMP-compliant cell bank to ensure our customers to have access to inexhaustible phenotypically consistent cells. Combining our cell banking with antibody & protein, and vaccine manufacturing services, we offer a cell line system that extends from master cell bank (MCB) to the production of a working cell bank (WCB) for routine laboratory use, which is critical for the manufacture of therapeutic production cells, and used in the later stages of therapeutic development.

We offer the following cell banks:

Master cell bank development

A master cell bank(MCB)is critical to therapeutic product development and supports not only clinical development and manufacturing, but also the commercial supply phase for biologicals. Many things can go wrong with MCB development. The use of improper and uncharacterized cell lines, genetic variation, and cell line contamination are just a few possible problem sources. Before regulatory submission, these cell banks must be well characterized and tested for contaminants such as bacteria, fungi, and mycoplasmas. Creative Biolabs offers full services to address all of these issues.

Working cell bank development

The working cell bank (WCB) was prepared from MCB under defined cell culture conditions. We offer a variety of working cell bank options, including mammalian cells, insect cells and animal origin free (AOF) cell banking suites. We also produce and maintain working cell banks to support cell-based assays or as substrates for other assays. In addition, we also offer comprehensive biosafety testing services, including cell bank characterization and genetic stability assessments of the final producer cell lines.

Cell Banking

Key Advantages

  • Maintenance of a single master cell line
  • Working cell banks with low passage numbers
  • Identity confirmation by DNA Fingerprinting
  • Purity testing including Mycoplasma, virus, and fungi detection

With years of experience and a GMP-qualified laboratory, Creative Biolabs’ cell bank ensures that your biological production process complies with international guidelines.

For more details, please feel free to contact us for project quotations and more detailed information.

For lab research only, cannot be used for any clinical use.

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