As a reliable and trusted contract research organization, Creative Biolabs has accumulated extensive experience in the discovery and development of optimized therapeutic antibodies and proteins such as monoclonal antibody, bispecific antibody, anti-idiotype antibody, antibody-drug conjugates, and enzymes, cytokines, or membrane proteins etc. Relying on the expertise of senior scientists with more than 10 years of experience and best-in-class equipment, our unique modules of integrated services enables us to guide our clients through antibody or protein drug discovery challenge from target selection to IND regulatory support.

Our Therapeutic Antibody and Protein Platform

Therapeutic antibodies are bio-pharmaceuticals used to treat various cancer, most therapeutic antibodies are monoclonal antibodies. Therapeutic antibody binds to and recognizes the antigen receptor to activate or inhibit wide range of biological processes for blocking cancer cell activity or triggering immune system to fight cancer. Different from small molecule pharmaceutical, therapeutic antibody or protein are characterized by high specificity, high affinity, and low immunogenicity. With years of expertise, we put our solutions at your disposal to support your antibody/protein drug discovery and development process to win the race in this field.

Fig.1 Simplified overview of monoclonal antibody (MAb) development strategies. (Mould, 2016)

  • Discover Integrated Solutions From the Lab to the Clinic for Therapeutic Antibody & Protein

  • Creative Biolabs is committed to helping you win the race in therapeutic antibody and protein drug discovery and development. Our final goal aims to facilitate your product to market faster with quality assurance in compliance with global regulatory requirements!

End-to-end Platform From Gene to Bio-therapeutics

With extensive regulatory experience and rich laboratory capacity, Creative Biolabs offers our clients with antibody and protein integrated platform covering antibody discovery, engineering, production, structural and biochemical characterization, bioassays, in vivo animal testing, manufacture and development, IND regulatory services. We’re capable of gathering senior scientists across a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds to support the accelerated & innovative services. We are committed to guaranteeing our clients can receive fully compliant data in the desired timeline. Our reliability ensures our clients to return to us for their discovery and development needs. In addition, we provide fully integrated bispecific antibody and antibody-drug conjugate modules for your choice.

  • Why Choose Our Therapeutic Antibody & Protein Platform?

  • A fully integrated therapeutic antibody and protein development solution from discovery to clinical candidate


Every step is accompanied by our guarantees. The potential risks are transferred to us, while you can keep control of the process of the project.


We have forefront Next-IOTM programs to advance the immunotherapy pipeline for our global partners.

High quality

We strive to develop the highly qualified product in order to bring it to the market faster.

Faster to market

Streamlined antibody or protein product discovery and development process which enables product to market faster.

Wide range of solutions

Offer a comprehensive toolbox covering wide solutions to help deliver a promising candidate with good properties.

State-of-the-art equipment

Your projects deserve the most powerful equipment which enables us performing in an efficient manner.

Custom services

Fully customized services can be tailored to fit your specific requirements. You can start at any module depending on your project progress.

Strong support

Our highly skilled technicians guide you through the whole development process and offer you the most professional support for any questions.

To propose you the cutting-edge science, we are always continuously investing in new equipment to provide our clients with access to the best technologies. We are dedicated to getting access to the most complete solution to develop your drug candidate, as well as providing unparalleled therapeutic antibody or protein candidates as a final goal.


  • ✔ Fully integrated end-to-end solutions,
  • ✔ Client-focused and collaborative approaches,
  • ✔ Senior scientists across a wide range of disciplines.

Creative Biolabs has successfully delivered many projects, as well as owns ample practical experience in antibody and protein development. As a privileged partner, we are fully committed to contributing to the success of your projects via client-focused, collaborative approach to creating reliable and trusted partnerships. Our integrated end-to-end services will help you push the project forward to market faster. Please contact us for detailed information and deeper communication to learn how we can be involved in your projects.


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