Tumor Microenvironment Analysis by RNA-Seq

Tumor Microenvironment Analysis by RNA-Seq

Tumor Microenvironment Analysis by RNA-seq

The remarkable success of checkpoint control inhibitors in treating a variety of different cancers has necessitated a deeper assessment of the tumor microenvironment at the genetic and phenotypic level. Creative Biolabs has accumulated 10-year experience in next-generation sequencing (NGS) and is fully competent and dedicated to serving as your one-stop-station for transcriptome sequencing. RNA-seq is a state-of-the-art technique used to analyze the transcriptome in a global yet high-resolution manner through direct sequencing of complementary DNA (cDNA). Powered by our advanced SuPrecision™ platform and experienced technical personnel, we can provide the most comprehensive tumor microenvironment analysis by RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) at the most competitive price.

The Background of Tumor Microenvironment

Tumors in human are often heterogeneous at both the genome and phenome levels. In a tumor bulk, subclones may differ at genetic, epigenetic, and/or transcriptome levels. These heterogeneous patterns not only play a large part in the proliferative progression of the tumor as a whole, but also foster other complications such as the resistance to therapeutic drug treatments, and tumor metastasis as revealed by recent NGS studies. In addition to different subpopulations of malignant cells, another layer of heterogeneity occurs within a tumor bulk where intrinsic tumor cells are surrounded by stroma. Interestingly, variations in the composition and abundance of stromal cells have been linked to the disease course. Stromal cells are important constituents of the tumor microenvironment. The tumor microenvironment is the cellular environment in which the tumor exists, including surrounding blood vessels, immune cells, fibroblasts, bone marrow-derived inflammatory cells, lymphocytes, signaling molecules and the extracellular matrix. The tumor and tumor microenvironment are closely related and interact constantly. Tumors can influence tumor microenvironment by releasing extracellular signals, promoting tumor angiogenesis and inducing peripheral immune tolerance, while the immune cells in the microenvironment can affect the growth and evolution of cancerous cells. Many immune checkpoint inhibitors have already shown remarkable clinical efficacy in various types of cancers. Inhibition of immune checkpoint proteins can reduce the ability of the tumor microenvironment to suppress host antitumor immunity. Consequently, understanding the interaction between tumor cells and their microenvironment have brought significant insight into our knowledge about molecular mechanisms involved in tumor formation and progression, that may open new therapeutic avenues.

Tumor Microenvironment Analysis by RNA-seq

Tumor Microenvironment Analysis by RNA-seq in Creative Biolabs

RNA-seq has a single-base resolution, information about exon connectivity can be obtained in addition to sequence variations observed at the transcript level, thus enabling detection of splicing events as well as chromosomal rearrangements resulting in abnormal transcripts such as fusion genes. RNA-seq experiments in Creative Biolabs begin with the production of cDNA from extracted RNA followed by an amplification step before the use of NGS. Once sequencing is complete, the obtained sequence reads can be aligned to the reference transcripts to generate tabulated counts for the expression level of genes/transcripts. Reads are also normalized to remove inherent biases in preparation steps, particularly in the sequencing depth of a sample and the length of RNA species involved. Based on our cutting-edge SuPrecision™ platform, we also can provide insight into the genome-wide transcriptome heterogeneity at a single-cell resolution.

Key Advantages Including but Not Limited to:

  • Unique technical advantages, such as cell subpopulations with high purity, and microdissection, etc.
  • RNA-seq at single-cell level
  • Identification of abnormally expressed transcripts and genes
  • Highly professional Ph.D. level scientists
  • Fast turnover time

Enriched experience, profound expertise and state-of-the-art analytical instruments, all of these can ensure Creative Biolabs offer high-quality tumor microenvironment analysis services. Our RNA-seq technology has allowed our clients to understand the tumor microenvironment in greater details.

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Note: Our sequencing services are for Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Diagnosis.

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