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Premade Antibody & Peptide Libraries

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Creative Biolabs has created a series of libraries for de novo discovery of therapeutically relevant antibodies and peptides. Our pre-made and ready-for-use libraries can accelerate your research and best ensure your success. To fulfill customers' demands, we provide libraries in the form of scFv, Fab,VHH and peptide, original from human, mouse, rabbit, chicken, camel and llama, or DNA synthesis. If none of the pre-made library meets your requirement, you are welcome to contact us, and we will be more than happy to create a custom library for you.

These antibody and peptide libraries in both yeast display and phage display formats are available for licensing.

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Libraries Display Technology Library Format Species Library Size
HuScL-YDP Yeast Display scFv Human 1.0x109
HuScL-1 Phage Display scFv Human 1.35x1010
HuScL-2 Phage Display scFv Human 1.42x109
HuScL-3 Phage Display scFv Human 1.0x1016
HuScL-4 Phage Display scFv Human 1.5x1016
HuFabL Phage Display Fab Human 2.0x109
MuScL Phage Display scFv Mouse 8.0x108
MuFabL Phage Display Fab Mouse 6.0x109
RaFabL Phage Display Fab Rabbit 7.5x109
Chicken-SCL Phage Display scFv Chicken 1.2x109


Phage Display VHH Camel 1.5x109


Phage Display VHH Llama 1.5x109
TriCo-16 Phage Display Peptide(16mer) N/A 2.60x1010
TriCo-20 Phage Display Peptide (20mer) N/A 1.70x109
TriCo-10 Phage Display Peptide (10mer) N/A 1.20x109


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