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Membrane Protein Production Service

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Creative Biolabs has developed cutting-edge MemPro™ platforms to provide superb service for our customers in membrane protein research area. Our all-round service includes vector construction, expression, purification and characterization of different membrane proteins including G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs), ion channels, membrane transport proteins, etc.

Membrane proteins are partially or completely embedded in membrane, consist of one fourth of all encoding genes in genome. They participate in different biological processes, including ligand-receptor binding, signal transduction, molecule transportation, intercellular recognition, cell adhesion and enzymolysis. Importantly, more than half of drug candidates interact with membrane proteins, mainly GPCRs and ion channels.

Traditional expression methods could not satisfy the growing requirement of high quality membrane protein, especially the preservation of native conformation and bio-activity. Based on innovative technologies, MemPro™ platform of Creative Biolabs overcomes main barriers and develops highly dynamic, customized membrane protein production service, including:

Creative Biolabs can offer advanced cell-based protein expression system, which is a break-through technology aiming the maximum preservation of the native conformation and bio-activity of membrane proteins (such as α-helical and β-barrel bundle membrane proteins), allowing a wide range of service including production, extraction, purification, solubilization and crystallization of functional membrane proteins/antigens.

Creative Biolabs also provide cell-free protein expression system, which is derived from a patent cell-free expression system, enables directly incorporation of membrane proteins into artificial liposomes (both bilayer and planar vehicles) during the in vitro translation step, results in active “ready-to-use” proteoliposome. The correct folding of membrane proteins relies on their insertion into the lipid bilayer and post-translational modification. The advantages of cell-free protein expression system are that it can implement high-yield production and post-translational modifications, such as glycosylation, phosphorylation, methylation, disulfide bond formation, etc.

Creative Biolabs can provide protein production service using virus-like particles, which resembles the self-assembly of virus, produces modified viral coat protein or membrane protein in correct conformation. Amplifying retroviral (HIV-1 or MLV) gag protein in 293 or CHO-based Episome-Based Eukaryotic Expression (EBEE) system, our patent technique is able to introduce human-specific posttranslational modification pattern in the expressed membrane protein.

Owing to detergent can lead to conformational changes on membrane proteins, during the solubilization process of membrane protein production, Creative Biolabs provides an alternative technology to generate native membrane protein in absence of detergent. With this system, we can easily obtain large-scale bio-active membrane proteins.

Creative Biolabs can offer unparalled membrane protein production (especially G-protein coupled receptors, GPCRs) service using nanodiscs. This nanotechnology consists of membrane scaffold proteins (MSPs), lipids and membrane protein of interest. We provide two strategies for reconstituting membrane proteins into nanodiscs: Detergent-solubilized procedure and Non-detergent procedure.

Creative Biolabs can adopt a novel and specific group of antibody-like small molecules expressed by phage display library to perform membrane protein purification by high-throughput binding selection.

Bacterial-based expression system is widely used for membrane protein production. Therefore, with the help of detergent, Creative Biolabs can provide another method to perform expression and purification of membrane proteins in inclusion bodies.

Liposomes are made by artificial phospholipid bilayer. Creative Biolabs can utilize liposomes solubilizing desired membrane proteins expressed by cell-free membrane protein expression system (forming protein-lipid complexes, also termed proteoliposomes). The significant characteristics of liposomes are that the correct folding of transmembrane domains can be preserved.

Creative Biolabs provides an alternative detergent-free strategy for membrane protein production using polymers, including amphipols and poly (styrene-co-maleic acid) lipid particles (SMALPs). This system is popularly used for GPCRs production.

With advanced technology and elite scientists, Creative Biolabs confidently offers the unparalleled membrane protein production service for drug discovery, signaling transduction, structural solution and vaccine production. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.

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