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Cell-free Membrane Protein Expression

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Creative Biolabs provides unmatched membrane protein production service using cell-free expression system.

Membrane proteins occupy one fourth of total encoding genes in genome. They localize on the cell membrane, play various roles such as signal transduction, transportation and ligand-binding. It is estimated more than half of the drug candidates target membrane proteins, mainly G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) and ion channels. However, due to the nature of membrane protein, traditional protein expression methods encounter obstacles such as low amount of expression, inadequate post-translational modification, misfolding, and loss of bio-activity.

Aiming to solve the problems in the conventional methods, Creative Biolabs designs a novel cell-free membrane protein expression system. In this unique system, the neonatal membrane protein inserts into liposome, which is well designed to imitate the in vivo membrane features, keeping the native conformation and bio-activity to the greatest extent.

Cell-free Membrane Protein Expression

The cell-free expression system possesses some advantages: high purity of target protein, rapid and stable expression, high yield and good repeatability. Most importantly, the expression of cell-free system bypasses the host toxicity and cell restriction. The system is also easy to be adapted to diverse requirement from our clients, such as the size and modification of liposome, the therapeutics encapsuled in the liposome and type of solvent reagents. Our system is tailored for customers in membrane protein projects of antibody screening, ligand discovery, drug delivery, vaccine development, and structural determination.

Creative Biolabs can offer several strategies for cell-free membrane protein production, including:
Membrane Protein Expression in Bacterial Extract
Membrane Protein Expression in Wheat Germ
Membrane Protein Expression in Baculovirus
Membrane Protein Expression in Rabbit Reticulocyte

Creative Biolabs can also provide various custom cell-based membrane protein expression service to meet your specific needs. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.

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