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Virus-like Particles

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With many years of experience, Creative Biolabs provides highly tailored virus-like particle preparation service.

Virus-like particles (VLPs) are artificial nanostructures produced by expression of genetically modified viral genes. VLP is similar with true virus for its self-assembly property, but losing its infectious ability.

Viral structural protein genes are fused with coding sequence of target protein and transfect suitable host cell. The technique allows expression of a chimeric protein, which could assemble into viral body automatically, as well as representing target protein domain on the VLP surface.

VLP gains increasing importance for its outstanding applications in bio-pharmaceutical field. Fused with cell/tissue specific ligand, VLP can be used to deliver genes/therapeutics to target cell/tissue directionally. Been modified with foreign epitopes/antigens, VLP could stimulate immune response for antibody preparation, or serve as novel vaccine.

Most recent progress is the development of a special type of VLP, named ‘Lipoparticle’. Lipoparticle is VLP coated with membrane bearing target membrane proteins, such as ion channels and G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs). The lipoparticles can keep the native conformation and bio-activity of integral membrane protein for various analysis including but not limited to antibody screening, vaccine development and structural solution.

Creative Biolabs provides highly customized service for VLP and Lipoparticle production, aiming to assist your bio-pharmaceutical project and molecular biology research.

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