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Cell-based Membrane Protein Expression

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Creative Biolabs offers first-class membrane protein expression service using cell-based membrane protein expression system, which performs the production of membrane protein of interest from a recombinant plasmid within a living cell. 

Membrane proteins are partially or completely embedded into the cell membrane, and consist of 20~30% of all encoding genes in genome. They participate in different biological processes, including ligand-receptor binding, signal transduction, molecule transportation, intercellular recognition and enzymolysis. Of particular interest, 50-60% available drug candidates target membrane proteins, mainly G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) and ion channels.
Leaving the significant functions in biological research and pharmaceutical industry, main obstacles delay the advance in membrane protein study. Conventional over-expression methods meet bottlenecks in amount of expression, post-translational modification, folding and multimerization, purification, and most importantly, preservation of native conformation and bio-activity, which dramatically hampers the progress of research.

Based on innovative technology, Creative Biolabs develops a cell-based expression platform aiming to overcome the shortcomings in membrane protein production. The expression platform is highly dynamic for the multiple options of host organisms, including bacteria expression, yeast expression, insect cell line expression and mammalian cell line expression, fulfilling a wide range of demands. We are able to start from any types of materials from our customers (gene sequence, cDNA, virus, cell, tissue), perform expression, purification, stabilization and crystallization of membrane protein. Thanks to the efforts of our outstanding R&D team, a series of novel reagents have been found to provide a non-denaturing environment and maintain the full length, native conformation and maximum bio-activity for different target membrane proteins. Our customized membrane proteins perfectly meet the requirement for antibody screening, drug discovery, structural determination, functional and mechanism study.

Category Expression Time Yield growth medium protein folding post-translational modification
Bacterial Cells Moderately rapid High Simple, inexpensive Refolding may be required No
Yeast Cells Moderately rapid High Simple, inexpensive Refolding may be required Yes
Insect Cells Fairly slow Moderate Complex, expensive Proper folding Yes
Mammalian cells Fairly slow Moderate Complex, expensive Proper folding Yes

Creative Biolabs can also provide various custom cell-free membrane protein expression service. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.

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