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Premade Single Domain Antibody Library

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Creative Biolabs has built up a HuSdL® Human Single Domain Antibody Library that allows rapid discovery of large numbers of high-potency camelised human single domain antibodies against any therapeutic targets. In contrast with single domain antibody Technology that generates camel-derived single domain antibodies, our library produces camelised human antibodies that have a human origin, thus the lowest immunogenic potential in humans, especially for long-term and multiple-dose administration. The antibody library was constructed based on camelised human VH3 in FR2. At the same time, the human HCDR3 was elongated and sequence-randomized. The current size of this library is 1.5×109.

This library was preselected based on the thermostability and expressibility [in E. coli.] of the displayed antibodies. Specifically, in the library, the antibody repertoire was heat-treated to remove clones that could not withstand heat-induced aggregation. The genetic codons used to encode the antibody binders are also optimized of bacterial preference. 

Advantages of single domain antibodies

Single-domain antibodies combine the benefits of conventional antibodies with important features of small molecule drugs.

Advantages of single domain antibodies:
  • Better soluble in water.
  • Able to bind to hidden epitopes that are not accessible to whole antibodies.
  • Greater affinity and selectivity, thus promising lower side effect and better efficacy.
  • Penetrate tissues faster than other antibodies, and even break through the brain´s blood barrier.
  • Higher stability to changes in temperature and chemical environments, great potential of gastrointestinal stability and oral availability.
  • Exceptional drug format flexibility and allow efficient drug discovery and development.

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