Ultra Low Input RNA Sequencing Service

Ultra Low Input RNA Sequencing Service

Creative Biolabs is a well-known biotechnical supplier equipped with world-leading facilities and skillful staff in the field of whole transcriptome sequencing. We are confident in offering the best and most comprehensive sequencing service packages for ultra-low input RNA, including extraction, amplification, library construction, sequencing and data analysis. Added by our long-standing expertise, our clients benefit from accurate, affordable and high-quality sequencing data.

Applications of Ultra Low Input RNA Sequencing in Cancer Research

Ultra-low input RNA sequencing enables to explore the gene expression profile with the ultra low amount of input RNA. In cancer research, this technique offers a powerful tool for analyzing the gene expression of a limited number of cells, such as circulating tumor cells (CTCs). CTCs are a group of cells that shed into the vasculature or lymphatics from a primary tumor and circulate via normal blood circulation. The detection and analysis of CTCs from patients’ blood samples are promising for early cancer diagnosis and the evaluation of cancer metastasis. However, it remains challenging due to the low amount of CTCs in the blood. Ultra-low input RNA sequencing provides an ultrasensitive platform for CTCs analysis, which enables to qualitatively and quantitatively explore gene expression from an exceptionally rare CTCs sample. Furthermore, this technique is also a reliable tool for the study of tumor microenvironment which is composed of surrounding blood vessels, immune cells, fibroblasts, signaling molecules and the extracellular matrix.

Schematic representation of the participation of CTCs in multiple stages of metastasis. Fig. 1 Schematic representation of the participation of CTCs in multiple stages of metastasis. (Wu, 2017)

Our Services

Creative Bioblas has perfectly accomplished an array of challenging projects of ultra-low input RNA sequencing based on a powerful SuPrecision™ platform and extensive expertise. We can amplify high-quality cDNA with ultra-low levels of RNA (as low as 10 pg) or a limited number of cells. Combined with Illumina sequencing, we provide reliable and accurate transcriptomics data of these exceedingly limited samples. Our comprehensive and high-quality service will assist you to investigate the mechanism of tumor metastasis and tumor microenvironment, accelerating your academic and clinical researches.


  • Generating reliable and accurate sequencing data from as low as 10 pg RNA sample
  • Characterization and analysis of gene expression profile from a limited number of cells, such as CTCs
  • One-stop solutions from ultra-low input RNA to data analysis

Creative Biolabs provides a full range of ultra low input RNA sequencing service packages including RNA extraction and cDNA amplification, library preparation, deep sequencing, raw data quality control, and customized bioinformatics analysis. Our services allow the accurate analysis of transcriptome data from as low as 10 pg RNA sample or several cells. Please contact us for more information and a detailed quote.


  1. Wu, C.P.; et al. Clinical applications of and challenges in single-cell analysis of circulating tumor cells. DNA and Cell Biology. 2017, 37(2):78-89.
Note: Our sequencing services are for Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Diagnosis.

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