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Mempro™ Protein Production in Liposomes

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Creative Biolabs offers advanced services for Mempro™ membrane protein prodution in liposomes. You can count on us all through your projects.

Liposomes have been used for solubilizing membrane proteins in cell-free expression system, where the proteins are integrated into the liposomes (artificial phospholipid bilayer, also termed proteoliposome) to form protein-lipid complexes (Figure 1). The typical feature of proteoliposomes is the transmembrane domains of membrane proteins can be folded correctly to guarantee protein activities. This technology based on cell-free system has no toxic and inhibitory effects compared to conventional cell-based membrane protein expression systems, such as E. coli, yeast and insect cells. And the addition of lipids can be easily modified during production process. You can gain variety type of membrane proteins using Mempro protein production in presence of liposomes.

MemproTM Protein Production in Liposomes Figure 1. Schematic overview of the membrane proteins reconstitution into liposomes. (Biophys. Chem., 2013)

Advantages for Mempro protein prodcution in liposomes are described as below:

Creative Biolabs can provide liposomes/proteoliposomes preparation using asolectin (but also E. coli polar lipids), which is a mixture of polyunsaturated and natural phospholipids from soybeans. After compeletion of membrane proteins integrated into liposomes, detergent can be removed from proteoliposomes using various strategies (e. g., dialysis, gel filtration, dilution and polystyrene beads) (Fiugre 2), then proteoliposomes can be appropriatly isolated by density-gradient ultracentrifugation for further structural and functional analysis. Moreover, proteoliposomes can be directly applied in immunoassay to perform antibodies attacking membrane proteins.

Figure 2. Detergent-mediated reconstitution strategy. (Methods in Enzymology, 2003)

Mempro protein production in liposomes has a wide range of applications in, but not limited to:

We also provide other various Mempro™ membrane protein production services. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.

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