Antibody Discovery Service for Enzyme Conjugate

Based on our advanced technology platform, Creative Biolabs provides customized antibody discovery services for enzyme conjugate. Our professional scientists have extensive experience in antibody discovery, optimization, and production. We are committed to providing high-quality services to promote your innovative cancer therapy research.

Antibody Format Used in Antibody Enzyme Conjugate

The IgG isotype is the most abundant form of circulating antibodies and the molecular format of choice for most therapeutic antibodies thus far. The humanization of antibodies produces several formats of antibodies, such as variable fragment (Fv), antigen-binding fragment (Fab), single-chain variable fragment (scFv). Among them, scFv and single domain antibodies (VHH) are the most frequently used format in antibody discovery research for enzyme conjugate.


scFv consists of one light chain and one heavy chain variable regions of immunoglobulins (Igs) connected by a peptide linker, with an MW of approximately 27 kDa. scFvs contain the antigen-binding site and are as specific and affine as intact antibodies. Additionally, scFvs have more rapid tumor penetration and clearance from the serum relative to full-length mAbs. There are various in vitro antibody-display technologies such as cell surface display, phage display, ribosome display and mRNA display that can be used to isolate high specificity and affinity scFvs against different targets. They can also be easily expressed in E.coli or in yeast with a high production yield. scFvs are promising diagnostic and therapeutic reagents for protein misfolded diseases and can be widely used in antibody-based immunotherapies.

Engineered monoclonal antibodies. Fig.1 Engineered monoclonal antibodies.


Heavy-chain antibodies (HcAbs) is only composed of a homodimer of heavy chains. The variable domain of the heavy chain from HcAbs is named as VHH, nanobodies or single domain antibodies. VHH is currently the smallest naturally derived antigen-binding fragment, with an MW of approximately 15 kDa. It is easy to link to a fluorescent marker or to conjugate with an enzyme in various assays. It is more stable and robust than a whole antibody. Currently, VHH-based therapeutics can be divided into three different strategies with VHH functioning as receptor antagonists (A), targeting moieties of effector domains (B), or targeting molecules on the surface of nanoparticles (C), respectively.

Schematic representation of VHH-based therapeutic platforms. Fig.2 Schematic representation of VHH-based therapeutic platforms. (Kijanka, 2015)

VHH and scFv Applications in ADEPT

At present, scFV and VHH are the most commonly used antibody forms in the ADEPT research area. It is known that scFv and VHH have been widely used in disease diagnosis or therapeutic treatment, and nowadays, they also showed enormous potential in ADEPT for cancer therapy. To mention just a few examples, scFvs to semi protein, gPA33 antigen in colon cancers, CD20, and camelid VHH to carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) have been combined with different enzymes and prodrugs to treat with the corresponding disease.

Creative Biolabs has developed very complete antibody discovery strategies, including Hybridoma, B-Cell Sorting, Phage Display, to help you develop your own high-quality antibodies. Moreover, our antibody production platforms can tackle any challenge in combination with the comprehensive expression systems, such as HEK293 system, CHO system, a bacterial system, yeast system, and insect system. Above all, scientists at Creative Biolabs are expert in antibody discovery and preparation. Whether you are looking for a custom-built antibody or need a custom production of your own antibody, we can provide affordable, high-quality service with unbeatable rapid turnaround times. Please feel free to contact us for more details.


  1. Kijanka, M.; et al. Nanobody-based cancer therapy of solid tumors. Nanomedicine. 2015, 10(1), 161-174.

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