The creation of a successful antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) is an elaborate process that involves meticulous investigation, careful design, and of equal importance, good building blocks for such elegant “molecular LEGO sets”. Creative BioLabs has an extended inventory of ADC products that can serve as a “kick-starter” to your ADC projects or to help speed up your progress in ADC development.

ADCs are a family of highly innovated target medicines that delivers a cytotoxic drug to specific sites on cancer cells using an antibody as a cargo. The common composition of an ADC contains an antibody, a cytotoxic drug, and a small molecular linker that serves as a bridge to connect the antibody and drug. Our ADC products cover all aspects prerequisite for the development and production of an efficacious ADC.

Creative Biolabs offers a variety of customized ADCs generated by different combinations of antibodies that target a large number of cancer surface antigens and payload drugs conjugated via various linkers. Those ADCs can be used for experiments such as concept proof, target validation, and serve as positive controls or provide comparison information in new ADC developments. In the meantime, the antibody portion of those customized ADCs are also available and they can be used as negative controls or serve other appropriate purposes.

Another part of an ADC is comprised of a cytotoxic payload drug coupled with a molecular linker. Creative Biolabs offers a large collection of chemically coupled drug-linker complexes in our ADC products for the convenient conjugation to form an ADC using compatible chemistry. This series of products are designated for efficient ADC creation and they can greatly accelerate the progress of ADC developments. We also carry separately in our inventory various cytotoxic payload drugs (Toxins) and linkers that are compatible with versatile conjugation chemistry and flexible releasing mechanisms.
The search for a suitable antibody for ADC development is a long and laborious process. Creative Biolabs is dedicated to ease the search process by providing clients our unique anti-Ab ADCs. These products recognize antibodies with high specificity and they are pre-loaded with toxins. Target antibody internalization can be validated through cell killing by the incorporated toxins, given the internalization occur, and the results can be used to facilitate antibody screening and selection.

Creative Biolabs has also generated a series of antibodies, collectively anti-drug Abs, to facilitate the analysis and safety evaluation of the newly developed ADCs. These anti-drug Abs are raised against ADC toxins, including MMAE, MMAF, DM1, DM4, Calicheamicin, Duocarmycin…

For over a decade, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to provide our customers with high quality products and good services. Our experienced scientists will help you select the most suitable products for your ADC projects and promote the progress to build a heathier, better tomorrow.

For more systemic and frontier knowledge about Antibody Drug Conjugates, please follow up with our updating ADC Publications

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