The work here at Creative Biolabs to create antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are empowered by our advanced technical platforms that are dedicated to provide our clients with high quality products, customized services, and specialized consultation for ADC development projects.


ADCs are next-generation precision medicines that target specific surface antigens and fight diseases by delivering cytotoxic payload drugs into the antigen-bearing cells. ADCs are trending in immunotherapy and are believed to have high potential and wide applications in treating various types of cancer, fungal or bacterial infections, cardiovascular disorders, and immune diseases. Creative Biolabs and our collaborators are equipped with state-of-the-art research and manufacturing facilities and our advanced technical platforms cover crucial stages in ADC development.

Antibody Design: We have adopted a variety of strategies in antibody design and engineering to generate new monoclonal antibodies with accommodating conjugation chemistry sites for the creation of ADCs. Regular site-directed mutagenesis approaches are often used to introduce amino acid residues such as extra Cys for thiol-based conjugations while our unnatural amino acid incorporation system opens up new alternatives for new conjugation chemistry such as click chemistry….

Synthetic Chemistry: One essential part in ADC development is the synthesis of the drug-linker complex. This process is accomplished using our advanced organic chemistry synthesis platform (DrugLnk). In the meantime, the design and preparation of customized linker and payload drug modifications and derivatizations are also achieved using this technical platform.

ADC Manufacturing: Large scale ADC preparation is achieved utilizing this technical platform. Creative Biolabs and our collaborators are able to manufacture recombinant antibodies, protein conjugates, and ADCs in cGMP certified facilities. With temperature-controlled reactors ranging from small pilot sizes to large manufacturing sizes, our facility can satisfy GMP protein or antibody production at various scales. Organic solvent resistant equipment as well as multiple filtration separation apparatuses also add to the success of large scale production of protein conjugates or ADCs.

PtLnX™: Our special platform generating ADCs using a short non-cleavable linker with a Platinum core. This novel short linker provides the ADC with good blood stability and highly specialized conjugation chemistry to the His residues. Antibody and payload will be assessed for the feasibility in using such platform and both in vitro and in vivo assay systems will be applied to evaluate the efficacy of the resulted ADC. So far, several ADCs have been prepared using this special linker and efficacy evaluation showing similar, in some cases improved, drug efficacy comparing to well-established ADC controls.

3D Cell Culture: Solid tumors present a unique challenge in the evaluation of ADC efficacy due to the complicated penetration issues. To help painting a more comprehensive picture of the ADC behavior under these circumstances, Creative Biolabs has adopted and perfected 3D cell culture systems that convert 2-deminsional cell layers into 3-deminsional cell clusters to gain a more accurate ADC penetration and distribution profile in the mimicking of solid tumor micro-environment. The “bystander” killing effect of an ADC can also be properly evaluated in these cell clusters.

Creative Biolabs is committed to providing high-quality services to promote the development of ADC and other innovative targeted protein therapeutic agents. Please refer to each section for more information regarding our technical platforms and contact us for a conversation to discuss how we can be involved in your ADC development projects!

For more systemic and frontier knowledge about Antibody Drug Conjugates, please follow up with our updating ADC Publications

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