Anti-Ab ADCs

The basic concept of antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) requires the internalization of an antibody upon target recognition and the intracellular release of the cytotoxin. The search for a suitable ADC antibody is a laborious process. On one hand, the naked antibody should show decent internalization. On the other hand, antibody internalization should be preserved after drug-linker complex conjugation for efficient toxin delivery. Conventionally, ADC antibody screening is achieved using flow cytometry-based internalization analyses and more recently, pH sensitive dyes. One problem associated with these methods is that even the internalization is proven for the naked antibody, the result could show otherwise once the payload is conjugated.

Creative Biolabs is dedicated to ease this search process and we have developed a series of anti-Ab ADC products that are used for screening of ADC-suitable internalizing antibodies under “load-bearing” conditions. Our Anti-Ab ADC products are essentially proteins (either Protein A or Protein G) or secondary antibodies that interact with the certain region of a monoclonal antibody and they are pre-loaded with toxins. Once applied, the desired antibody will be identified when enhanced target cell death is observed due to the internalized toxin.

Anti-Ab ADCs

list of the Anti-Ab ADC products

For Research Use Only. NOT FOR CLINICAL USE.

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