Nervous System Platform

iPSCs and organoids can generate unlimited human neural cells and in vitro models to facilitate the research of brain development and pathology, and promote the development of novel drug candidates to treat neurological diseases.

Respiratory System Platform

Recent development in the fields of iPSCs and organoids technologies has also provided new insights to better understand pulmonary diseases and to boost in vitro disease modeling and therapeutic drug discovery.

Stem Cell Service

Stem cells are characterized by their ability for unlimited or prolonged self-renewal differentiation into highly distinct cell lineages. Because these properties are considered a very attractive source of cells for a wide range of clinical and pharmacological applications. Stem cells functions are subject to tightly regulated control mechanisms and still a lot more basic research have to be carried out to elucidate some of these aspects. Therefore, there are several challenges in stem cell research. As both adult and embryonic stem cells may provide a way for the development of innovative methods of drug discovery and screening, stem cells are also powerful tools in fundamental research and can provide a better understanding of the basic biology of human body and diseases.

iPSC Reprogramming Services

Creative Biolabs is dedicated to providing several viable and cost-effective methods for iPSC reprogramming to help you obtaining the desired iPSC.

iPSC Pluripotency Characterization Services

Creative Biolabs provides several characterization services of iPSC pluripotency for customers all over the world, such as pluripotency marker assays, teratoma formation assays, etc.

Organoid Development Service

Creative Biolabs provides high-quality organoid development services to boost cell therapy research with many different cell lineages to satisfy clients' special needs.

Stem Cell Facilitated Drug Discovery

Creative Biolabs provides various types of stem cells that can be customized to facilitate disease modeling and drug discovery.

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If you have any specific request on stem cells that is not within the scope of services described, please feel free to contact us for further discussion with our scientists.

Stem Cell Product

Due to expending effort and long timeline required for stem cell research, scientists at Creative Biolabs produce and provide high quality stem cell products and related reagents and tools. To meet various requirements of researchers from different field of stem cell therapy, our cell products are mainly organized and categorized by type of disease (ex. Cardiovascular Diseases, Neurological Diseases, Ocular Diseases, etc). Other tools includes reagents, media, kits and consumables.

About Us

Stem cell technology has opened huge possibilities for cell therapy and regenerative medicine. With professional scientists and years of experience, Creative Biolabs provides high-quality products and services in the field of stem cell therapy development for customers all over the world.

During the last few years, remarkable progress has been made in gene and cell therapy. Positive proof-of- principle results have been obtained for several diseases, such as adrenoleukodystrophy, hemophilia IX, β-thalassemia, malignant glioblastoma, leukemia and other types of cancer. 

Thus, it is expected that several new gene therapy products will enter the clinical arena in the not-so-distant future. With the ability to become many different types of cells, stem cells play a key role in the body's healing process and the regenerative medicine.

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