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Custom Ion Channel Protein Production Service

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Creative Biolabs offers unparalleled customized ion channel study service which could greatly assist and accelerate your project progress. Our service includes expression, purification, crystallization, proteoliposome construction, antibody production, ligand screening and bio-activity test.

Ion channels are a class of integral membrane proteins, locating on almost all the membranes of cells, controlling the transportation of ions. They are normally assembled by several identical or homogenous subunits organized into a ‘tunnel-like’ structure with a ‘gating’ system.

Custom Ion Channel Protein Production Service

There are different membrane ion channel proteins, each allows one or several types of ions moving across the membranes under certain conditions. According to mechanism of gating system, ion channels could be classified into two major types. voltage-gated ion channels are responsible to the voltage gradient across the membrane, e.g., Na+ channels. Ligand-gated ion channels are linked with functional related receptor, and responsible for ligand binding, such as ATP-gated P2X receptors.

Ion channels are functionally important for the impulse conduction through the nerve and across the synapses in the nervous systems. They are also involved in various biological processes, including muscle contraction, blood pressure regulation, nutrients transportation, cell proliferation and immune cell activation. Defect of ion channel as well as their modifier usually results in serious disease, collectively termed channelopathies, including e.g., Paramyotonia congenital, Episodic ataxia, Neonatal diabetes, Long QT syndrome and Cystic fibrosis. Genomic sequencing has verified more than 400 putative ion channels in human, however, as promising targets for drug discovery, only a few of them are well studied and limited number of drugs are developed (e.g., diltiazem for hypertension, phenytoin for epilepsy). The main drawbacks of the ion channel study are related to the integral membrane protein features, which is difficult to be isolated in the native conformation with preserved bio-activity for the subsequent analysis.

Creative Biolabs has developed cutting-edge techniques and platforms for membrane ion channel protein research:

Cell-based expression
Cell-free expression
Virus-like Particle/Lipoparticle
EBEE™ technique

Our skilled scientists and technicians will offer you the best service.

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