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De Novo Chicken IgYs Sequencing Service

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Creative Biolabs provides peerless De Novo chicken IgYs sequencing service, which has been developed based on our unique platform of De Novo Antibody Sequencing using our specific and world-leading Database Assisted Shotgun Sequencing (DASS) technology. The method of DASS can also be applied to understand natural antibody repertoires and develop synthetic antibody repertoires for antibody engineering. Our unparalleled strength and depth of knowledge in this highly skilled area of research helps accelerate your discovery and validation process in antibody sequencing.

<em>De Novo</em> Chicken IgYs Sequencing Service

Chicken IgY antibodies are the predominant serum immunoglobulins in birds, reptiles and amphibians. In the female, transfer of IgY from serum to egg yolk confers passive immunity to embryos and neonates similarly to placental IgG transfer in mammals which also confers passive immunity to the fetus. A major difference between IgY and IgG is the inability of IgY antibodies to bind to bacterial Fc receptors such as the staphylococcal Protein A or streptococcal Protein G. There are several advantages associated with the development and usage of chicken IgYs including better immune responsiveness to mammalian antigens, higher affinity with persistent titer, non-invasive collection, simple and low cost isolation process, large yield and scalable production, while enhanced immune response results in antibodies with improved specificity and sensitivity as compared to mammalian IgGs, and larger glycosylation index in IgYs allows more labeling with HRP, alkaline phosphatase, fluorescent molecules and other tags.

Whatever your application our chicken IgYs sequencing service is one that you can depend on.


• 100% accuracy by meticulous operation and strict quality control
• Fast delivery, starting from 1 week
• Competitive price
• Integrated custom services including but not limited to antibody designing, cloning, sequencing and analyzing to meet your needs.

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