Anti-FN1 (clone F8)-CemCH2-SH ADC (ADC-W-575)

This ADC product is comprised of an anti-FN1 monoclonal antibody (clone F8) conjugated via a linker to CemCH2-SH.
  • Antibody clone #
  • F8

 ADC Target

  • Name
  • FN1
  • Alternative Names
  • FN1; fibronectin 1; FN; CIG; FNZ; MSF; ED-B; FINC; GFND; LETS; GFND2; fibronectin; cold-insoluble globulin; migration-stimulating factor;
  • Target Entrez Gene ID
  • 2335
  • Overview
  • This gene encodes fibronectin, a glycoprotein present in a soluble dimeric form in plasma, and in a dimeric or multimeric form at the cell surface and in extracellular matrix. Fibronectin is involved in cell adhesion and migration processes including embryogenesis, wound healing, blood coagulation, host defense, and metastasis. The gene has three regions subject to alternative splicing, with the potential to produce 20 different transcript variants. However, the full-length nature of some variants has not been determined.

 ADC Antibody

  • Overview
  • Anti-FN1 Antibody, clone # F8
  • Clone #
  • F8

 ADC Linker

  • Name
  • disulfide linker

 ADC payload drug

  • Name
  • CemCH2-SH
  • Description
  • Cemadotin is a synthetic analogue of dolastatin 15 with potent antiproliferative and preclinical antitumor activity.The dolastatins are a class of naturally occurring cytotoxic peptides which function by inhibiting microtubule assembly and tubulin polymerization.

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