Anti-LYPD3 (clone B01-3)-lysine-toxophore ADC (ADC-W-111)

This ADC product is comprised of an anti-LYPD3 monoclonal antibody (clone B01-3) conjugated via a lysine linker to toxophore.
  • Antibody clone #
  • B01-3

 ADC Target

  • Name
  • LYPD3
  • Alternative Names
  • LYPD3; LY6/PLAUR Domain Containing 3;GPI-Anchored Metastasis-Associated Protein C4.4A Homolog;Matrigel-Induced Gene C4 Protein;MIG-C4;GPI-Anchored Metastasis-Associated Protein Homolog;Ly6/PLAUR Domain-Containing Protein 3;2310061G07Rik;
  • Target Entrez Gene ID
  • 27076
  • Overview
  • This gene is a Protein Coding gene. GO annotations related to this gene include laminin binding. An important paralog of this gene is LYPD5.

 ADC Antibody

  • Overview
  • Anti-LYPD3 antibody, clone # B01-3
  • Clone #
  • B01-3
  • Species Reactivity
  • Human

 ADC Linker

  • Name
  • lysine
  • Description
  • Noncleavable linkers, is considered noncleavable-meaning linker cleavage, and payload release does not depend on the differential properties between the plasma and some cytoplasmic compartments. Instead, the release of the cytotoxic drug is postulated to occur after internalization of the ADC via antigen-mediated endocytosis and delivery to lysosomal compartment, where the antibody is degraded to the level of amino acids through intracellular proteolytic degradation.

 ADC payload drug

  • Name
  • toxophore loading

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