Exosomes are currently defined as heterogeneous molecules with a diameter ranging from 30 to 150 nm. Originally considered only a waste disposal system, they are now emerging as a novel class of signal mediators in normal as well as diseased states. Exosome have stimulated extensive research to serve as biomarkers to identify different diseases. Moreover, exosomes have vast application potential in therapy and vaccine. Creative Biolabs has an extended inventory of exosome products that can help speed up your progress in exosome project.

  • We provide various Exosome Isolation Tools products to help you efficiently isolate exosome and exosomal DNA/RNA from biological fluids (plasma, serum, urine, saliva) and cell culture.

  • We provide a series of exosome antibodies special to various exosome markers. We also provide antibodies in conjugated formats which have different usages. Our antibodies can be used for various assay such as NTA, ELISA and FACS.

  • Exosome standards are positive control to check for quality of various assays. We provide Exosome Standards derived from different sources which evaluate the performance of assays such as WB, ELISA and FACS.

  • We provide a series of exosome capture & quantification kits that allow purification and quantification of circulating exosomes from various samples.

  • We provide several Membrane EVs Labeling & Purification Kits for labeling exosomes, which can be used in most applications that require visualization of labeled exosomes for tracking studies.

  • We have developed a serum-free medium specifically for cell culture of exosome-producing cells.

  • We have developed the kits that use click chemistry to functionalize the surface of exosomes.

  • We provide several efficient and convenient WB detection kits for exosome analysis.

For Research Use Only. Cannot be used by patients.

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