Exosomes are specifically secreted vesicles from living cells, responsible for intercellular communication and playing a critical role in immune systems. Since exosomes composed of numerous RNA, proteins, lipids, cytokines, several large-scale analysis such as proteomics and transcriptomics can often be performed. These vesicles also show potential for cancer diagnostics and determination of other diseases because they transport molecular contents of cells from which they originate. Though the detection and molecular analysis of exosomes is technically challenging, Creative Biolabs has a highly experienced team equipped with advanced platforms to achieve a variety of exosome profiling regarding its contents.

Exosome Functions.

Exosome Profiling Services in Creative Biolabs

The study and analysis for exosomes is an emerging approach among worldwide researchers from every walk of biomedical fields. In order to obtain expert data interpretation and technical support, Creative Biolabs offers a variety of exosomal profiling platforms for the isolation, purification, quantification, and analysis of required exosomes.


  • Flow cytometry (FC) – The magnetic beads can capture the immunomagnetic beads of exosomes, which exhibits clear and definite FFC/SSC testing with 1 hour.
  • Electron microscopy (EM) – You can directly perform a scanning electron microscope (SEM) analysis to observe the pure and specialized exosomes using our magnetic separation technology.
  • Optical microscopy (OM) – Exosome RNA or membrane components can be labeled, allowing exosomes to be visible under the optical microscope.


Aided by Creative Biolabs, exosomes are able to transfer information in the form of abundant functions, and these biological processes in research fields are listed as below.

Exosome ProfilingFig.1 Exosome Functions. (Isola, 2017)

  • Cell signaling
  • Immune system
  • Exchange of pathogenic organisms
  • Stem cell function
  • Cell adhesion and motility
  • Inflammation
  • Tumor progression
  • Diseases (e.g. Alzheimer's and Parkinson's)

When customers access exosome profiling services at Creative Biolabs, not only do they get high-quality exosome production or detailed data delivery, but also get in-depth scientific support from experts with years of exosome experience. Besides, we can also offer other reagents and tools for in vitro and in vivo tracing to help the further understanding of exosomes. If there is no related service about exosomes you need, please don’t hesitate to contact us for your specific requirements.


  1. Isola, A. L.; Chen, S. Exosomes: the messengers of health and disease. Curr Neuropharmacol. 2017, 15(1): 157-165.
For Research Use Only. Cannot be used by patients.

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