Exosome marker antibodies are versatile research tools that can be used to measure proteins specific to the exosomes, understand the morphology and dynamics of the exosomes, and promote the characterization and/or quantification of exosomes. However, most of the exosome antibodies currently available on the market fail to recognize exosome-associated antigens with sufficient sensitivity and specificity. As a world-leading company in the field of antibody development, Creative Biolabs provides high-quality antibody development services against both common and disease-specific exosomal markers.

Exosome Surface Markers

Exosomes are small membrane vesicles secreted by most cell types in vivo and in vitro. Exosomes can be isolated from different sources, including cell culture media, blood, urine, amniotic fluid, ascites fluids, etc. They carry different subsets of proteins on their surface that can be used as specific markers for their identification and detection. Widely accepted exosomal markers include proteins that are involved in exosome MVB formation (e.g., Alix and TSG101), tetraspanins (CD9, CD63, and CD81), membrane transport and fusion (e.g., GTPases, annexins, and flotillins). Moreover, the protein contents can be altered under different pathological conditions. These disease-specific biomarkers can be of great diagnostic and prognostic value. As a result, antibodies that specifically target the exosomal surface markers can be generated for different applications.

B Cell Sorting

B cell sorting technology is an attractive approach to develop antibodies for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. This technology is based on the direct amplification of VH and VL region encoding genes from single B cells and their subsequent expression in cell culture systems. To facilitate rapid screening and isolation of single B cells secreting antibodies with the desired reactivity profiles from large populations of primary B cells, different techniques can be used such as the multi-parameter FACS. This process includes several steps: blood collection, FACS of B cells, single cell RT-PCR, antibody gene cloning, expression vector construction, in vitro expression of recombinant antibodies, and antibody testing.

Overview of the methodology used for single B-cell antibody gene isolation and recombinant antibody production.Fig.1 Single B cell antibody gene isolation and recombinant antibody production. (Zhang, 2016)

Antibody Development Services for Exosome Markers

Our services are characterized by:

  • Antibody screening for different exosome markers, including both well-characterized protein markers and novel candidate markers.
  • B cell sorting from various host species, including human, monkey, mouse, rat, rabbit, chicken, camel, etc.
  • Antibodies testing and validation for exosome antigen reactivity.
  • Antibody-based assays development including Western Blotting, FACS, ELISA, etc.


  • High-quality exosome antibody development based on the powerful technique—B cell sorting
  • Professional technical team specialized in exosome antibody development
  • Whole-process technical trace service from consultation and project design, to product production and data interpretation
  • Ensured high-quality and low-cost services in an efficient way

Equipped with the advanced technologies and professional scientists, Creative Biolabs is confident to provide comprehensive and high-quality exosome antibody development services. Based on B cell sorting technique, it is supported to develop the best exosome antibody with high efficiency and high specificity. Whether you are looking for an antibody against well-characterized exosome markers or novel candidate markers, we can customize the service to meet your specific requirements. If you are interested in any of our services, contact us and start the conversation.


  1. Zhang, Z. B.; et al. HIV-1 broadly neutralizing antibodies: identification, development and vaccine evaluation. Journal of AIDS and Clinical Research. 2016, 7(12).
For Research Use Only. Cannot be used by patients.

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