Studies have shown that genomic DNA and mitochondrial DNA are also detected in exosomes in addition to different RNAs derived from mother cells, which can be used as diagnostic markers for diseases (such as tumors) and guidance and evaluation of clinical medication. In order to assist researchers in the research and application of exosome DNA, Creative Biolabs has developed Exosome Extraction & DNA Isolation Kits or Exosome (Pre-isolated) DNA Extraction kit.

The DNA isolation kit can easily and quickly purify and elute exosome DNA, and can be directly used in downstream applications such as realtime PCR, gene mutation detection, NGS sequencing, and microarray. In addition, the purified DNA is derived from DNA in exosomes and does not contain protein-bound circulating DNA in serum, plasma or other bodily fluids.

Cat Product Name Sample Type Size Datasheet Inquiry
EIDK-01 Exosome Extraction & DNA Isolation Kit (For Serum/Plasma) Serum/Plasma
EIDK-02 Exosome Extraction & DNA Isolation Kit (For Cell Culture Media/Urine) Cell Culture Media/Urine
EIDK-03 Exosome (Pre-isolated) DNA Extraction kit Pre-isolated exosomes from various samples including biofluids, culture media supplement, or precipitated, frozen, or freeze-dried pellets.
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