SIAT® 2D Cell Culture

With the commitment of being your best immunologic analysis partner, Creative Biolabs has established the utmost efficient integrated solutions to innovate and accelerate your drug development for various types of diseases. Equipped with a team of professional scientists, we are capable of providing our clients with a variety of customized services on 2D cell culture. We can accommodate the specific properties of your product and provide flexible integrated solutions.

Introduction to 2D Cell Culture

Two-dimensional (2D) cell culture has been considered as an attractive tool for studying the formation, function, and pathology of tissues or organs in human diseases. In general, the primary cell will be collected from animal models or patients to observe the differentiation, metabolism, and apoptosis of cells outside the body. Pilot studies suggest that cell cultures play an important role in understanding the cell function, mechanism of various diseases, as well as drug-disease interaction. In this condition, a wide variety of cell cultures have been generated and widely used in early drug development. For example, suitable cell culture methods have been used for cancer therapy, allowing to reveal tumor pathogenesis and to optimize many cancer treatment strategies. In recent years, 2D culture has become one of the most common types of cell culture in drug research. Cells are attached to the coated surface of a culture flask or a flat Petri dish and are cultured as a monolayer. The results have demonstrated that it is a simple, cost-effective way for cell culture. And the results have shown that cells are typically easier to analyze by a number of functional tests in 2D cell culture system, such as in vitro immunogenicity tests.

SIAT® 2D Cell Culture Services. Fig.1 SIAT® 2D Cell Culture Services.

The SIAT® 2D Cell Culture Services

In vitro cell cultures are critical to revealing the cell biology of tissues or organs, including cell growth, cell metabolism, and cell death. In 2D cell culture, cells bind to the flat surface and 2D monolayers will provide nutrients or growth factors for cells. This cell culture has proven its simplicity or efficacy for cell growth and proliferation in vitro and has been frequently used in preclinical studies. As a result, Creative Biolabs offers a wide collection of SIAT® 2D cell culture services to relieve our customers from the cumbersome process of cell cultures. Up to now, we provide many ready-to-use 2D cell cultures that derived from different kinds of primary cells or cell lines. More recent studies conducted by our labs have illustrated that SIAT® 2D cell culture is an ideal tool for many therapeutic applications, such as drug discovery, protein immunologic analysis, as well as human system research. For instance, a highly immunogenic human renal carcinoma cell line has been cultured by our 2D cell culture, and the cell line characterization has been performed by a number of genomics, proteomics, and immunologic analysis assays.

Types of cell culture methods commonly used in research studies. Fig.2 Types of cell culture methods commonly used in research studies. (Kapałczynska, 2018)

With extensive expertise and experience in the field of 2D cell culture, Creative Biolabs has established protocols for 2D model development tailored to your specifications. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details. Let us know what you need and we will accommodate you. We look forward to working with you in the future.


  1. Kapałczynska, M., et al. 2D and 3D cell cultures - a comparison of different types of cancer cell cultures. Arch Med Sci. 2018, 14(4): 910-919.

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