Humanization of Monkey (NHP) Antibodies

Creative Biolabs has established a universal antibody humanization platform to humanize monoclonal antibodies derived from a wide range of species. Non-human antibodies derived from canine, bovine, murine, rabbit, chicken, llama and camel can all be humanized. It is worth mentioning that we are certainly the only company in the field that has the expertise in monkey antibody humanization.

Theoretically, the best approach to obtain high affinity human antibodies is by constructing and screening of immunized human antibody libraries. However, we cannot immunize humans with all antigens of interest due to ethical reasons. As an alternative solution, monkeys (non human primates, NHPs) are regarded as one of the best substitutes with the germline sequences closest to human; humanization of monkey (NHP) antibodies opens a novel and highly efficient approach to produce quality therapeutic antibodies for human use.

On the Universal Antibody Humanization platform, three-dimensional modeling of two vital monkey antibody frameworks is employed to identify the mutations that do not alter the parental antibody structure. After that, monkey antibodies are germline-humanized to frameworks very similar to human IgMs, which is supposed to be the best tolerated frameworks for therapeutic use while retaining the parental affinity.

Humanization of Monkey (NHP) Antibodies 

Using the same platform, Creative Biolabs is also professional in humanization of Bovine Ultralong CDR3s Antibodies and Humanized Single Domain Antibodies.

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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