Magic™ Cell-based Membrane Protein Expression

Creative Biolabs now offers first-class membrane protein expression service using cell-based membrane protein expression system. With decades of membrane protein production experience, our high-quality, well-tailored services are well-received worldwide by our customers.

Magic™ Cell-based Membrane Protein Expression

Membrane proteins partially interact with or completely embed into the cell membrane. They participate in a wide variety of biological processes including ligand-receptor binding, signal transduction, molecule transportation, intercellular recognition and cell adhesion, etc. Of particular interest, they constitute around 50-60% of current drug targets, mainly GPCRs, ion channels, transporters. Given their significance in biological research and pharmaceutical industries, there have existed a few long-term obstacles in membrane protein studies. Conventional over-expression methods meet bottlenecks in sufficient expression levels, proper post-translational modifications, multimerization, purification, and most importantly, preservation of native conformation and bio-activity, which dramatically hampers the progress of membrane protein research.

Based on innovative technologies and extensive experience, we developed multiple cell-based expression platforms aiming to overcome the major difficulties in membrane protein production. The expression platforms are highly dynamic for the multiple options of host organisms to fulfill diverse custom demands, including:

The starting points can be quite flexible (gene sequence, cDNA, virus, cell, tissue), and we can perform expression, purification, stabilization, and characterization using a broach range of approaches. Many thanks to the efforts of our outstanding R&D team, a series of novel reagents have been utilized to provide a non-denaturing environment for generation of full-length membrane proteins with native conformation and sufficient bio-activity. Our customized membrane protein products can perfectly meet the requirement for antibody development, structural determination, functional and mechanism studies, and various other applications.

Expression System Lead Time Yield Growth Medium Protein Folding Post-Translational Modifications
E. coli cells Rapid High Simple, inexpensive Refolding may be required No
Photosynthetic bacteria cells Rapid High Simple, inexpensive Refolding may be required No
Yeast cells Moderately rapid High Simple, inexpensive Refolding may be required Yes
Baculovirus-insect cells Relatively slow Moderate Complex, expensive Proper folding Yes (not all)
Mammalian cells Relatively slow Moderate Complex, expensive Proper folding Yes

Creative Biolabs now offers professional cell-based protein expression service to our worldwide clients. Our seasoned scientists are always ready to off first-class assistance to best facilitate our clients’ research goals. As an alternative, Creative Biolabs also provides Magic™ Cell-free Membrane Protein Expression service. Please feel free to inquiry us for further discussions.


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