Premade Human Antibody Library for Yeast Display

Scientists in Creative Biolabs have constructed a series of high quality yeast surface-displayed human antibody libraries for de novo discovery of therapeutically relevant antibodies. They’re available for license or contract service.

Table 1: Premade Human Antibody Libraries

Catalog # Type  Ab Format Size # Donor Note
HuscL-YDP-1® naïve  scFv ∼1011 56 donors N/A
HuscL-YDP-2® naïve  scFv ∼109 200 donors N/A
Custom HuscL-YDP-3® naïve  scFv ∼1011 56 donors Enriched in scFv of client’s interest
HuscL-YDP-4® naïve scFv 2× 106 60 donors It's an anti-DR5 pseudo-immune human single-chain fragment variable (scFv) library on the yeast cell surface.
HuscL-YDP-5® naïve  scFv ∼109 58 donors N/A
HuscL-YDP-6® naïve  scFv 1.4× 1010 N/A N/A
HuscL-YDP-7® imumune scFv ∼109 1 donor Gene for this library is isolated from the bone marrow mononuclear cell of an HIV-infected donor who exhibits broad serum neutralization of HIV-1.
HuFabL-YDP-1® naïve  Fab  over 109 35 donors The human LC and HC cDNAs were
harvested from a pool of 35 autoimmune patients.
HuFabL-YDP-2® synthetic Fab 1.2 × 109 N/A It's a yeast surface-displayed combinatorial  Fab-1 with 11 CDR-H3 residues library.
HuFabL-YDP-3® synthetic Fab 1.1 × 109 N/A It's a yeast surface-displayed combinatorial  Fab-2 with 9CDR-H3 residues.
HuscFabL-YDP-1® imumune scFab ∼109 1 donor Gene for this library is isolated from the bone marrow mononuclear cell of an HIV-infected donor who exhibits broad serum neutralization of HIV-1.
HuIgGL-YDP-1® naïve  full-length IgG 1.5 × 109 N/A This full-length IgG yeast  surface-displayed library is constructed without requiring a genetically encoded anchor protein or intracellular antibody modification.
HuIgGL-YDP-2® naïve  full-length IgG ∼109 150 donors N/A
HuFn3L-YDP-1® naïve  Fn3 6.5 × 107 N/A Fn3 refers to the 10th type III domain of human fibronectin.

These libraries have a size ranging from 106 to 1011 and cover most commonly used antibody formats, including scFv, Fab, scFab, full-length IgG and Fn3. Comprehensive library types and various genetic backgrounds give these libraries multiple functions and applications. In combination with the Ultraff™ Yeast Display Technology or Yeast Mating Technology from Creative Biolabs, low nanomolar, even picomolar-affinity antibodies of different formats are routinely obtained. All human antibody libraries for yeast display licensed from Creative Biolabs can be amplified 1010 fold under proper operation, without measurable loss of clonal diversity, allowing effectively indefinite expansion. Creative Biolabs’ top quality human antibody libraries for yeast display can improve your results and save your time in novel antibody discovery.

Figure 1. Four types of antibody libraries(Ref: High Affinity, Developability and Functional Size: The Holy Grail of Combinatorial Antibody Library Generation )

Advantages of Yeast Display:

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All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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