Immunologic Analysis Services

Creative Biolabs offers comprehensive immunologic analysis services for a wide range of biotherapeutic drug candidates, including protein, enzyme, antibody, an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) and so on. Based on our experienced scientist team and elaborate technical platforms, we are capable of carrying out your assay with optimized and validated protocols in a fast and reliable manner.

Remarkable characteristics of prolonged half-life, high target specificity, and low intrinsic toxicity make biotherapeutic drugs significantly outperform small molecule drugs, and attract increasing attention in the global academic and pharmaceutical industrial field. However, the use of biotherapeutic drugs may lead to unwanted immune responses, resulting in the efficacy decrease of the drugs and even safety threaten to patients. It is worthwhile and necessary to conduct complete immunologic analysis for biotherapeutic drug candidates and biosimilar biologics at the early stage of drug development. By taking this into account, Creative Biolabs integrates four delicate platforms together to provide high-quality services packages to help clients evaluate their drug candidates, and the contents of our immunologic analysis services are listed below.

SIAT® Immunogenicity Assessment Services

The immune responses to biotherapeutic drugs can decrease the efficacy of the drugs due to faster clearance of the drugs as immune system treat them as antigens and launch specific immune reaction. Furthermore, unwanted immune system activation may cause rapid and enormous cytokine release and bring safety to threaten to patients. Therefore, it is of great importance to conduct Immunogenicity risk management of biotherapeutic drugs and biosimilar biologics in the preclinical stage. Creative Biolabs provides the proprietary Sensitive Immunogenicity Assessment Technology® (SIAT®) system to help clients evaluate the immunogenicity potential for a broad range of biotherapeutic drug candidates, and screen out optimal individuals.

Immunologic Analysis Services. Fig.1 Immunologic Analysis Services.

ECIA™ Cellular Analysis Services

As the ancillary service of SIAT® Immunogenicity System, Creative Biolabs offers ECIA™ cellular analysis services designed to accelerate your immune monitoring or epitope discovery projects in a cost-efficient way. Our customized ECIA™ cellular analysis platform can be a good choice for clients who are eager to acquire HLA allele information, to identify antigen-specific B cells and T cells, to detect Intracellular cytokine level as well as to monitor specific T cell proliferation. Based on our unique high-throughput technique, enriched experience, and professional service team, Creative Biolabs promises to provide the most suitable cellular assay design and deliver accurate reports with reliable data for each project.

CreMap™ Epitope Mapping & Discovery Services

Creative Biolabs has developed an excellent CreMap™ epitope mapping & discovery platform to help customers identify the specific binding sites of antibodies (or BCRs, TCRs) on target antigens, and those binding sites on antigens are so-called epitopes. The process of identifying epitopes of antibodies (or BCRs, TCRs) on certain antigen is known as epitope mapping, which plays a crucial role in the discovery of new biotherapeutic drugs, vaccines, diagnostic reagents, and so on. Our CreMap™ platform offers both B cell epitope mapping and T cell epitope mapping service to assist your research or drug discovery project in a cost-efficient way.

RDIT® De-immunization Services

Eliminating the immunogenicity of therapeutic proteins or biotherapeutic drugs is critical to improving clinical outcomes. Creative Biolabs has developed a well-mature RDIT® de-immunization platform to offer a number of assays to diminish the immunogenicity. In general, de-immunization can be accomplished by many strategies, such as amino acid modification, T/B cell epitope identification, as well as structure reconstruction. In addition, we have also generated a computer-based tool to produce non-immunogenic versions of potential targets. This tool can determine the immunogenic region of biotherapeutic molecules to identify specific analogs with low binding affinity.

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