Antibody Characterization

Antibody characterization is important in research and biopharmaceutical development. All therapeutic proteins produced from current technologies have heterogeneities in the final product because various modifications occur during different stages of production. Due to these heterogeneities, thorough characterization is necessary for the reproducible and safe production of therapeutic proteins.

At Creative Biolabs, antibodies can be completely characterized using a variety of techniques.

Monoclonal antibodies and antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) are one of the most active areas of biologic drug therapies. Thanks to changes in the regulatory framework in the U.S., an increasing number of new monoclonal antibody (mAb) drug therapies are now entering commercial clinical trials. This trend is creating a strong demand for reliable, fast and efficient solutions for mAb characterization.

The basic mAb characterization workflows consist of the following types of analysis:

• Molecular weight determination of intact and reduced protein
• Peptide mapping
• Co- and post-translational modification mapping
• Acquired non-biological modifications
• Disulfide bond mapping

In addition, monoclonal and polyclonal antibody binding affinities can be characterized by Simple Western analysis. Relative specificity of the antibody to the target protein of interest can be monitored. Antibody clonal screening can be performed using nanoliter amounts of material.

Antibody Characterization

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