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Creative Biolabs offers a full spectrum of bioconjugation services, including protein/antibody bioconjugation, oligosaccharide bioconjugation, oligonucleotide bioconjugation, surface immobilization, PEGylation, synthetic polymer modification and liposome conjugation services. Additionally, we also offer custom bioconjugation service to meet your very unique research objectives.

As a leading service provider that focuses on novel therapeutics and medicine development, for over a decade, Creative Biolabs has been constantly delivering numerous hybrid complexes that are supported by our state-of-art technical platform and rich expertise. From project scope analysis and problem solving proposals, to complex biopolymer production and assay development, we succeed with excellence and confidence to meet your demand for creating novel bioconjugates, which are efficient and cost-effectively.

Our featured services contain, but are not limited to:
• Antibody-dye conjugation
• Antibody-enzyme conjugation
• Antibody-drug conjugation
• Antibody-biotinylation
• Fab PEGylation
• Streptavidin-biotin system
• Bioconjugation for protein-protein interaction study
• Vaccines and immunogen conjugation
• Isotope labeling
• Gold nanoparticle labeling
• Polystyrene bead labeling

Bioconjugation involves the attachment of one biomolecule to one or several other molecules, usually through a covalent bond. There are endless number of applications using bioconjugates, such as in purification, capturing, scavenging, catalysis, tracking and imaging, as well as diagnostic and therapeutics areas, assay development, biomolecule quantification and detection, vaccine and drug design. Our comprehensive and proficient bioconjugation technical platform can deliver successfully, specific, efficient bioconjugations services to meet you very specific requirement in research objective, budget and time.

To design a successful bioconjugates while still maintaining all the functions of its individual parts, it requires sufficient knowledge of the reactive groups, reagent types, and functional groups present on the biomolecules, as well as an understanding of how modification of a biomolecule can potentially affect its activity. Our Ph.D level experts have rich knowledge and extensive experience in bioconjugation chemistry. Our scientists are ready to assist you step by step from the bioconjugation design, strategy determination to the final implementation and manufacturing to fit your specific need.

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All listed services and products are For Research Use Only. Do Not use in any diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

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