Comprehensive Immunization Strategies for Novel Antibody Discovery

Creative Biolabs is one of the well-recognized experts who are professional in applying advanced immunization strategies to satisfy different antibody discovery projects. Based on years of experience, our scientists can provide comprehensive immunization strategies and employ the best-fit one to meet our global clients’ specific antibody discovery requirements.

Importance of Immunization strategies for Antibody Discovery

Antibodies are very important agents in modem life science. Immunization strategies play a fundamental role in a successful antibody discovery project. The choice of immunization methods mainly depends on the feature of the antigen and the specific demands of the discovery project. There are a series of effective immunization strategies that be widely used for the one-stop novel antibody discovery services of Creative Biolabs, which including but not limited to:

Conventional Immunization

The conventional immunization consists of the essential immunization methods that are widely used for antibody discovery in many years. They can be generally divided by the injection methods such as subcutaneous injection, intraperitoneal injection, intravenous injection, and intramuscular injection. They have been considered as one of the most efficient ways to trigger the immune response to the regular soluble antigens. However, for some novel targets (e.g. membrane proteins and small molecule), such straightforward methods may not come up to the expectations of a good titer or induce specific response for the interest targets. Currently, more and more advanced immunization strategies have been developed to overcome such gap.

DNA Immunization

DNA immunization is one of elaborate approaches to induce high-efficient immune response against the in vivo produced antigens. Compared with the traditional immunization protocols, DNA immunization permits the antigen production in vivo thus avoid the time-consuming processes of antigen synthesis and purification. Moreover, the naïve structure of antigen is benefited to generate high-affinity antibodies against its natural conformation. Meanwhile, DNA immunization also presents an ideal solution for the development of specific antibodies for the membrane proteins and the antibodies against problematic antigens.

Whole Cell Immunization

Whole cell immunization is a novel strategy that the antigen overexpression cell line can be used as the immunogen. This strategy can benefit from higher immunogenicity, naïve antigen conformation and modifications, and avoid the complex purification process, which is specifically suitable for novel antibody discovery against membrane protein (extracellular domain). Integrating with our unique Magic™ Membrane Protein Antibody Discovery services, Creative Biolabs is confident in developing high-quality antibodies to recognize the membrane proteins with their naïve conformation.

In Vitro Immunization

In vitro immunization is a wonderful approach to produce the antibodies with the desired selectivity and affinity against varies of antigens. The main idea is that the immune cells isolated from the naïve animals can be stimulated with the antigen in vitro and result in the induction of B cells which can generate the antigen-specific antibodies. This is also a best-fit strategy to discover fully human antibody.

Subtractive Immunization

Subtractive immunization is an extraordinary method to achieve the purpose of targeting antigenic determinants according to altering the immune system response mechanism. Subtractive immunization provides the powerful alternative when the antigen components are unclear or complicated. In general, the protocol can be divided into two main steps: tolerization and immunization. For the most important stage of tolerization, we can also provide high zone tolerization, neonatal tolerization, and drug-induced tolerization to satisfy the projects’ purpose.

Repetitive Immunizations Multiple Sites (RIMMS) Immunization

RIMMS is a novel immunization method to obtain immune B cells which have the benefits of high efficiency and lower antigen usage. The theoretical basis is that rapid hypermutations and affinity maturation can occur in B lymphocytes according to the immunization of several easily accessible sites proximal to regional draining lymph. After the repetitive immunizations in a short time, the antigen-specific B lymphocytes expand continuously and the lymph nodes can be obtained in one or two weeks. The short protocol of RIMMS immunization offers the unique advantages, such as saving the precious antigen and a short immune cycle.

Liposome Immunization

Liposome immunization is a specific immunization method based on the liposome-immunogen delivery system. Liposomes have been widely used as carriers of different kinds of antigens. Thanks to the unique advantages of immunogenic stimulation, liposome immunization could increase the antigen presentation to APCs and even convert the non-immunogenic substance to be immunogenic. Moreover, we can also adjust the sizes, charges, and components of liposomes to suit the need of varies of antigens. Our service portfolio includes the whole stages from liposome production to antibodies production.

Transcutaneous Immunization

Transcutaneous immunization is a novel immunization strategy that the antigen is applied to the skin with adjuvants to induce the specific immune response. As we have built varies of vaccine delivery technologies and adjuvants, now we are able to deliver antigen to recipients and produce the specific antibodies. Compared with the needle-based immunization, transcutaneous immunization makes the whole experiment safer and reduce the antigen requirement.

Creative Biolabs has been a long-term expert in the field of antibody production, we are therefore confident in offering customers with the best services and finest results. For your specific antibody discovery project, our scientists are able to choose the most suitable immunization strategy to provide a high-quality starting point. If you are interested in our service, please do not hesitate to inquire us for more details.

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