Antibody Stability Improvement

Creative Biolabs is glad to introduce a unique antibody stability improvement service. With the consistent growth of therapeutic antibodies in global market, many efforts have been made to improve the engineering technologies, safety and efficacy of therapeutic antibodies, among which stability is one of the most important functional requirements for the use of antibodies in therapeutic and diagnostic applications.

Antibody Stability ImprovementFig. 1 Somatic Mutations to Improve Antibody Stability. (Wang et al. 2013)

Creative Biolabs has extensive experience in thermal stable antibody screening and optimization services. In addition to thermal stable scFv/Fab screening, we have particularly developed a sequence-oriented, partially-rational engineering strategy for improving thermal stability of antibody and antibody fragments. Based on our expertise in antibody affinity improvement, we are familiar with the amino acid changes that have been observed in functional antibodies; we identify the minimal potential sites for stability improvement and screening for candidates which will not affect and even increase the binding affinity, through which dramatic stabilization can be achieved and the procedure can be greatly simplified compared with conventional randomization approaches. The scFv fragments with increased thermal stability can retain their binding activities at 65-70°C for over 90 minutes.

Antibody Stability ImprovementFig. 2 Stability Assessment of Antibody Variants. (Wang et al. 2013)

Besides stability improvement of antibody fragments, Creative Biolabs’ proprietary strategy has also been successfully applied to full-length therapeutic antibodies. Quite a number of the optimized anti-cancer therapeutic antibodies have been generated that have a 10 °C or higher melting temperature (Tm) compared to the wild type antibodies. Potential benefits of stabilized antibodies also include increased serum half-life as well as reduced immunogenicity. Particularly, it is worth mentioning that stabilized antibodies usually have better solubility and expression level.

Advantages of the Antibody Stability Improvement Platform:
• Systematic, rapid, cost-effective and highly reliable.
• Engineered antibody is usable in less optimal and extreme environments.
• Antibody stability level can be adjusted to create multiple products from a single antibody.


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