Premade Antibody & Peptide Libraries

Over years, Creative Biolabs has established a comprehensive list of libraries for de novo discovery of therapeutically relevant antibodies and peptides. These well-tailored premade antibodies/peptides have made powerful toolbox to streamline our clients’ therapeutic/diagnostic agent discovery pipeline. A large number of reputable references can be tracked, for whom we have raised excellent antibodies/peptides for research or commercial applications.

To fulfill customers' demands, we provide libraries in the form of scFv, Fab, VHH and peptide, original from human, mouse, rabbit, chicken, camel and llama, or DNA synthesis. Premade libraries available for out-licensing in Creative Biolabs including:

Libraries Library ID Display Technology Library Format Species Library Size
Phage display human scFv libraries HuScL-2 Phage Display scFv Human 1.42×109
HuScL-4 Phage Display scFv Human 2.0×109
HuScL-6 Phage Display scFv Human 1.0×1011
HuScL-7 Phage Display scFv Human 1.1×1010
HuScL-2S Phage Display scFv Human 2.36×1010
Phage display human Fab libraries HuFabL-4 Phage Display Fab Human 1.9×1010
HuFabL-5 Phage Display Fab Human 1.1×1010
HuFabssL-1 Phage Display Fab Human 1.8×1010
Phage display mouse antibody libraries MuScL-1 Phage Display scFv Mouse 8.0×108
MuScL-2 Phage Display scFv Mouse 5.3×1010
MuFabL-1 Phage Display Fab Mouse 6.0×109
RaFabL-1 Phage Display Fab Rabbit 7.5×109
RaFabL-2 Phage Display Fab Rabbit 1.2×1010
Chicken-ScL Phage Display scFv Chicken 1.2×109
Phage display sdAb libraries (camel, llama) CaVHHL-1 Phage Display VHH Camel 1.5×109
CaVHHL-3 Phage Display VHH Camel 3.0×109
CaVHHL-4 Phage Display VHH Camel 2.63×1010
LlaVHHL-1 Phage Display VHH Llama 2.0×109
Phage display peptide libraries TriCo-16 Phage Display Peptide (16 mer) - 2.60×1010
TriCo-20 Phage Display Peptide (20 mer) - 1.70×1010
TriCo-9 Phage Display Peptide (9 mer) - 8.60×1010
TriCo-C9 Phage Display Peptide (cyclic 9 mer) - 8.60×1010

Of note, we also provide immunized human antibody libraries generated from diseased patients. In addition to phage display, high-quality antibody libraries (scFv/Fab/sdAb/full-length IgG/Fn3) for yeast display are available as well. If none of the premade libraries meets your requirement, you are welcome to contact us, and we will be more than happy to create a custom library for you. Our scientific staff is ready 24/7 to communicate with you about each specific need. We also offer cordial and professional post-sale service if you encounter any questions using our libraries. Please feel free to inquire us for more details.

All listed services and products are For Research Use Only. Do Not use in any diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

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