Anti-IGHE Protein A Scaffold (AFB-30LY)

Anti-Human IgE Protein A scaffold AFB-30LY 1mg Please Inquiry


  • Product Overview
  • The Anti-IgE Protein A Scaffold molecule is selected against human IgE. The Anti-IgE Protein A Scaffold molecule is an ideal affinity ligand as capture reagent in ELISA and as detection reagent in dot blot. The Anti-IgE Protein A Scaffold molecule is modified with a unique C-terminal cysteine for directed single-point chemical modification, facilitating labeling with fluorescent dyes, biotin or coupling to matrices.
  • Species Reactivity
  • human
  • Expression Host
  • E. coli
  • Applications
  • Suitable as capture reagent in ELISA and as detection reagent in dot blot.
  • Specific Activity
  • Anti-IgE Protein A scaffold molecule binds to human IgE. Cross reactivity with other species has not been tested.
  • Molecular Weight
  • 13.5 kDa
  • Storage
  • At +4°C is recommended for lyophilized protein. For reconstituted protein in physiological buffer, short-term storage at +4°C is recommended. For long-term storage, the protein solution should be aliquoted and then stored at -20°C. There is no decrease in


  • Antigen Description
  • Human IgE (Immunoglobulin E) is a glycosylated protein of 190 kD that constitutes less than 0.01% of the total immunoglobulin in serum. Most IgE is produced at the mucosal surfaces and it binds to high affinity IgE receptors present on mast cells, among others. Cross linking to the receptor leads to release of histamine and inflammatory mediators, resulting in dilation of vessels, smooth muscle contractions and increased permeability of capillaries. The IgE response is important for our protection against parasites but in the industrial world, high levels of IgE are usually connected to allergy.
  • Function
  • Antigen binding.
  • Synonyms
  • IGHE; immunoglobulin heavy constant epsilon; IgE; Ig epsilon chain C region

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