Antibody Production via Repetitive Immunizations Multiple Sites (RIMMS) Immunization

Creative Biolabs offers the novel repetitive immunizations multiple sites (RIMMS) service for customers all over the world. Our professional scientists commit to locate the most appropriate method to achieve our clients’ research objectives and utilize our high quality services to make them a reality.

RIMMS is an alternative to the standard immunization protocol. As a common choice, conventional immunization protocols are widely applied to develop high affinity and specificity antibodies, but the general requirements of up to milligram antigen for immunizing several animals for multiple times and a few months’ time consumption are inevitable limitations. Moreover, further production of monoclonal antibody will only occur when the high titer serum immune response is available. To overcome these limitations, RIMMS has currently become an ideal strategy for investigators to obtain the desired monoclonal antibodies rapidly.

As one novel choice of immunization, RIMMS is a high efficiency and antigen saving method to obtain immune B cells. The basic strategy of RIMMS protocol goes through the immunization of several easily accessible sites (Fig. 1) proximal to regional draining lymph nodes to capitalize on rapid hypermutations and affinity maturation events occurring in B lymphocytes. By repetitively immunizing the animal in short interval, antigen-specific B lymphocytes are continuously expanding with in vivo affinity maturation and the lymph nodes are able to be harvested as early as one to two weeks after the onset of immunization. Due to the significantly shorter immunization schedule, the required quantity of antigen is reduced as well. RIMMS has also been executed successfully by using DNA-based immunization or other developed antigens, such as synthetic peptides, recombinant proteins, cellular extracts, conjugated compounds and drug hapten. Ultimately, the monoclonal antibody can be achieved through either Native™ Antibody Discovery Service or Hybridoma Services, which are all available in Creative Biolabs.

Advantages of RIMMS Strategy:

Creative Biolabs is an authoritative researcher and provider in the field of immunology. Over the past decade, thousands of different antibodies have been produced from various species by diverse approaches, and then delivered to our global clients for promoting their project. With years of experience, our scientists are able to provide the most comprehensive services of our customers’ choice.

Figure 1. Diagram of kinetics analysis on Octet system. A biotinylated anti-mouse Fc antibody was immobilized onto Streptavidin biosensors. Fig. 1 Immunization sites used for RIMMS are indicated by arrows. Following immunization, the axillary, brachial, superficial inguinal and popliteal lymph nodes are exposed and then removed aseptically. (Dixon et al. 2006)


  1. Dixon, E. P., Simkins, S. and Kilpatrick, K. E. (2006) Rapid Development of Monoclonal Antibodies Using Repetitive Immunizations, Multiple Sites, Cell Biology (Third Edition) A Laboratory Handbook, 3 ed., Academic Press.

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