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As a leading service company in biopharmaceutical and biotechnology fields, Creative Biolabs has built a comprehensive technical platform that can provide custom in vivo and in vitro protein/antibody/peptide/enzyme/DNA/RNA labeling options though biotinylation. Same as other labeling design and procedures, the key for a successful labeling is that the target is biotinylated without any interference to the overall biological performance, especially when it comes to antibody and functional proteins. To overcome this, our Ph.D level scientists will design a personalized biotinylation strategy based on the molecular and structural characteristics of the target, and come out with the most feasible and elegant approach. Furthermore, with rich experience and strong technical backbones, Creative Biolabs has established a revolutionary in vitro and in vivo BtAP-Tag® site-specific biotinylation platform.

Creative Biolabs is the ONLY company in the market that offers in vivo BtAP-Tag® site-specific biotinylation on protein/antibody/peptide. Furthermore, with our unique BtAP-Tag® in vivo biotinylation system, we can not only deliver site-specific biotinylation, but also eliminate the heterothallic antibody interference. Please direct to our in vivo biotinylation page for more information.

Creative Biolabs also provides an abroad rang of in vitro biotinylation services from nucleic acids to proteins, non-reversible to reversible, non-quantitative to quantitative, and functional-group-specific to site-specific.

The streptavidin-biotin bioconjugates are also available in Creative Biolabs.

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