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Along with over a decade rich experience in providing excellent custom services for novel therapeutics discovery and research, Creative Biolabs has established a comprehensive PEGylation technical platform. Our platform offers proficient and effective custom PEGylation service, including mPEG modification to drug or other biomolecules with a various of PEG chain length, Fab PEGylation, PEGylation of gold nanoparticle or other nanoparticles, adding water soluble mPEG groups to organic molecules and multi-arm PEGylation (branched PEGylation).

PEGylation has shown strong expertise in drug design, in vivo imaging, therapy and assay development. The incorporation of PEG agents can dramatically enhance water solubility and the stability of reagents in vivo and in vitro. PEGylation can also greatly increase the hydrodynamic volume of a bioconjugate, extend half-life, and reduce immunogenicity and toxicity of drugs in vivo. By reducing nonspecific binding to other biomolecules, PEG groups on a bioconjugate surface can significantly improve signal-to-noise ratios in assays and potentially enhancing detection sensitivity. Heterobifunctional PEG-based crosslinkers and PEGylation agents are now increasingly applied in tumor targeting.

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With extensive experience and Ph.D level PEGylation technical specialist, Creative Biolabs are capable of delivering satisfactory custom PEGylation service and products to meet your very specific research request and objectives.

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