Protein/Antibody Bioconjugation

Creative Biolabs offers a large variety of Antibody/protein bioconjugation services at outstanding high success rate. A protein or antibody can be conjugated with a wide range of molecules, such as protein, oligosaccharide, lipid, oligonucleotide and bead/solid support. The bioconjugates manufactured by Creative Biolabs are stable and effective, which have been successfully applied in various areas such as cancer therapy, fluorescent immunoassays, flow cytometry, homogeneous protein assay and immunohistochemical staining.

Protein or antibodies can be labeled on numerous functional groups, including amine, carboxylate, disulfide, phenolic, indiol and thioether. These functional groups can be designed to react with another functional groups of other biomolecules, either directly or via intermediate crosslinkers. One common goal is to maintain the original protein structure and function to the utmost extent after bioconjugation.

Our Ph.D level experts in biology and bioconjugation chemistries can assist you from the project design to the final delivery. All custom protein and antibody bioconjugates are manufactured under strict quality control processes, and period reports are provided to inform our clients the latest progress. Creative Biolabs is also capable of offering our clients with one-stop custom service, where we couple the protein/antibody bioconjugation service with upstream custom antibody production service and downstream immunoassay kit development service.

Some of our featured antibody/protein bioconjugation services include, but are not limited to:

• Antibody /protein-dye
• Antibody /protein-enzyme
• Antibody /protein-biotin
• Antibody /protein-drug
• Antibody /protein-polymer
• Antibody /protein-quantum dot
• Antibody /protein-lipid
• Antibody /protein-antibody
• Antibody /protein-peptide
• Antibody /protein-small molecule
• Antibody /protein- fluorescent labeling
• Antibody /protein-phycobiliprotein
• Antibody /protein-nucleic acid
• Antibody/protein immobilization
• Streptavidin-dye
• Immunogen conjugation
• Streptavidin-phycobiliprotein
• Enzyme biotinylation

To request a quote proposal for our antibody/protein bioconjugation service, or discuss about your bioconjugation demand, please contact us at

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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