Agonistic Antibody Characterization Service

Generating agonistic antibodies with reliable, predictable, and most important expected performance is a lengthy process. In the context of the discovery an agonistic therapeutic antibody drugs, almost all of the therapeutic antibodies produced by the prior art are heterogeneous in the final product, as various modifications occur during different stages of production. Thus, thorough antibody characterization allows for the reproducible and safe production of therapeutic proteins, which is important in agonist research and biopharmaceutical development.

To understand and predict the performance and interaction of your agonist antibodies in clinical applications, Creative Biolabs offers comprehensive agonist antibody screening characterization services. Based on advanced Biacore® and Octet Systems®, we offer advanced solutions for isotype analysis, kinetic and affinity characterization, agonistic effect analysis, etc., which lay the foundation for the rational selection of candidate lead.

Available Agonistic Antibody Characterization Services

Kinetic & Affinity Measurements

Kinetic & Affinity Measurements

It is important to elucidate the ligand-receptor binding mechanism and stability during the development of biologic drug molecules. Therefore, assessment of antibody binding kinetics and affinity is critical in the selection of optimal drug candidates. Our Octet-based kinetic analysis serves as an integral step in the agonistic antibody screening and selection process.

Kinase Activation Assay

Kinase Activation Assay

For antibodies that exert an agonistic effect by activating downstream kinase activity, we perform a kinase activation assay. As with the immunoprecipitation experiments, target cells are cultured, loaded and lysed on SDS-PAGE, and Western blotting is then performed using antibodies against specific kinases.

In Vivo Angiogenesis Assay

In Vivo Angiogenesis Assay

Currently, many agonist antibodies focus primarily on anti-tumor angiogenesis. To better understand this utility, we established a variety of xenograft models to characterize angiogenesis in mice. Angiogenesis is quantified by mixing the antibody with a low temperature gel without endotoxin, subcutaneously injecting the back of the cryoinjector, and finally performing a colorimetric assay to analyze the hemoglobin content of the gel.

Agonist Antibodies and Antigen Binding Competition

Agonist Antibodies and Antigen Binding Competition

Although antibodies are highly specific, it is also possible to bind to non-specific epitopes that are similar to the antigens they produce. Negative screening for cross-reactivity wastes time and costs, thereby wasting subcloning and amplification. We first performed biotinylation of MAbs, transfected cell lines, and then stained cells with PE-conjugated streptavidin, finally by FACS analysis and by FACS analysis.

In addition to the above-featured services, we also provide routine antibody characterization services, including:

We also conduct structural characterization services for agonists include:

Overview of Our Octet Systems

Octet Systems

Our agonist antibody development labs are equipped with sophisticated Octet instruments for rapid and accurate antibody screening and identification.

Creative Biolabs has been working in the field of antibody engineering for more than a decade, and our scientists are fully confident of completing the most challenging antibody engineering projects. For additional antibody characterization services, please contact us for more details.

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