With the rapid advances in bioengineering during the past decades, Creative Biolabs has developed its own genetic engineering platform to provide novel and well-behaving bispecific antibodies for diverse therapeutic applications. Creative Biolabs has strong capabilities of developing BsAbs and provides innovative bispecific antibody engineering services.
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Creative Biolabs is proud to offer customers one-stop BsAb service, including the design, engineering, manufacturing, and analysis of BsAbs. Equipped with state-of-art platforms, Creative Biolabs is able to help customers to analyze and further develop the BsAbs for therapeutic applications.
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Creative Biolabs is known as an excellent supplier of bispecific antibodies. High-quality bispecific antibodies in a variety of formats are available in Creative Biolabs, thanks to the delicate design by our brilliant scientists and first-class techniques and platforms. Customers can always find suitable first-class technology and platforms in Creative Biolabs to produce the desired BsAb products.
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As a professional antibody manufacture supplier in the world, Creative Biolabs has established a series of affinity purification methods, including Protein A chromatography, to handle expectations for more mature antibody production. We’d like to help clients to obtain high-quality BsAbs with higher purity, lower costs, and less time through multiple effective platforms.
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As a leading company in BsAb field, scientists in Creative Biolabs possess enriched experience in design and manufacture of BsAbs. Creative Biolabs offers a variety of methods and BsAb formats for the customers to choose from and we are devoted to helping customers design ideal BsAbs that meet all the requirements of the customer. Creative Biolabs offers sophisticated BsAb design service tailored to your exact needs.
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