With years of hard working in exosome therapy field, Creative Biolabs has successfully operated a platform that provides the most comprehensive exosome related services. We aim to help global customers to facilitate the translational applications of exosome in disease therapy.

Background of Exosome Therapy

Since exosome carriers possess many advantages in both cell-based drug delivery and nanotechnology, interest in using exosomes for therapeutic approaches has exploded in recent years. Due to their small size, exosomes are able to cross barriers that cells cannot. Because of their characteristics of endogenous systems, exosomes show low immunogenicity. Moreover, compared to other non-viral delivery systems, exosome-based delivery system possesses higher loading efficiency and sustained drug release. Thus, exosomes have been recently used for the treatment of many different diseases, including cancer, infectious diseases and heart disease.

With their capability to transferring bioactive molecules between cancer and various cells, exosomes have been reported to participate in cancer progression and metastasis. Selectively, exosomes derived from specific sites can be promising candidates for anticancer vaccines since they can present antigens against that specific type of cancer. In addition, exosomes can be engineered to carry a range of contents such as a gene or drug via using a virus to “load” the exosomes. Furthermore, the surface of exosome has been modified to support tumor-targeted delivery of contents. The exosome-based drug delivery system is critical in the treatment of metastatic cancers.

Loading exosomes with therapeutic cargo can be achieved in two ways.Fig. 1 Loading exosomes with therapeutic cargo can be achieved in two ways. (Munson, 2015)

Exosomes have been reported to function a role in the pathological process of infectious diseases. Exosomes derived from pathogens influence the host immune system. While exosomes derived from host cells may defend against infections. It has been reported to block the exosomes secretion from infectious pathogens of viruses may be a potential strategy to curb virus infections or inflammatory reactions in infection control. Besides, modification of the contents of exosomes may also be a potential strategy for anti-infection therapy.

The blood-brain barrier (BBB) is a highly selective semipermeable border that separates the circulating blood from the brain and extracellular fluid in the CNS. Many compounds cannot cross the BBB, which restricts their therapeutic potential . Exosome-based delivery system can carry effective drugs across BBB and transport into the brain, which provides a novel therapeutic strategy for CNS disorders.

Exosomes have been reported to act as an essential role in cardiac cell function and used for an effective carrier for drugs delivery into target cardiac cells. And stem cell-derived exosomes have also been indicated to play a cardioprotective roleby activating regenerative signals and participating in cardiac repair. These suggest that exosome-based therapy can be applied for cardiac diseases treatment.

Therapeutical potential of extracellular vesicles in the context of cardiovascular disorders.Fig. 2 Therapeutical potential of extracellular vesicles in the context of cardiovascular disorders. (Fleury, 2014)

With the help of our advanced technologies and skillful scientists, Creative Biolabs can provide the best exosome-related services, including exosome sampling, profiling, manufacture and exosome engineering. Please contact us to discuss your project and create a custom quote.


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