Protein Expression in Yeast

Yeast expression systems (P pastoris / S cerevisiae)

Yeast protein expression system is the most economical eukaryotic expression system for both secretion and intracellular expression. It is ideally suitable for large-scale production of recombinant eukaryotic proteins. Creative Biolabs provides YeastXceed™ Technology which considers promoters, optimal copies of vector per cell, inducibility, signal peptides, and cellular location, which are essential for high-level recombinant protein production.

HostOptim™ boosts recombinant protein production per cell by increasing the protein per mRNA ratio across a range of eukaryotic production hosts. Other available recombinant production technologies typically target transcription and are limited to specific production systems. HostOptim™ can be used to increase the production yield of your recombinant protein and can be combined with transcription enhancing or other production improving technologies.

Our expertise in yeast protein expression spans both P. pastoris and S. cerevisiae expression systems. If you’re looking for protein production via a fed-batch pichia process, we have the experienced and credentialed staff to move your project forward.

P. pastoris expression system

Pichia Pastoris is one of the most extensively used systems for recombinant proteins expression. It’s greatest advantage is that it has a good secretion capacity for heterologous proteins combined with low secretion levels of endogenous proteins, leading to a simplified downstream process.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae Expression System

A Saccharomyces cerevisiae-based expression system is the proven choice for high-yielding, animal-free protein production and provides the perfect vehicle for stable, high-yielding secretion of scFv antibody fragments.

Creative BioLabs's engineering-enhanced protein expression technologies enable a high success rate of over 95% over a wide variety of recombinant proteins, and our proprietary YeastXceed™ technology is pushing yields even higher. Many secretory proteins that bacterial expression systems yield as insoluble or as inactive inclusion bodies can be produced successfully by our yeast expression system using native or yeast secretion signals.

Yeast expression technology’s benefits
Reliable expression platform to produce multiple molecule entities
Rapid feasibility and optimization studies
Validation at large-scale
Safe and stable system

Creative BioLabs have identified DNA elements which are instrumental in increasing translation rates when included in recombinant protein expression vectors and developed our proprietary HostOptim™ technology. Using a range of yeast and fungal cell types, the functionality of HostOptim™ technology has been confirmed for a variety of industry relevant platforms. Depending on initial expression levels, expression of secreted recombinant proteins can be increased several-fold, and is coupled to a similar increase in recombinant protein to mRNA ratios.

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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