Native™ Bovine Antibody Discovery Service

Creative Biolabs offers custom antibody discovery services to isolate bovine monoclonal antibody with high specificity and affinity targeting native structures in vivo.

As one of widely relates species in both life and research, a thorough understanding of the bovine immune response is critical for either the general health of cattle or the further research objectives. Comparing with other species, bovines produce antibodies that are unusually efficient in grabbing onto molecular targets. This kind of antibodies account for more than 10% of bovine antibodies and this unique property owe to their ultralong CDR H3 structure and few V regions. In general, CDRs play a key role in antibody-antigen recognition. Compared with human CDR H3, which is typically 8-16 amino acids in length, the ultralong CDR H3 of bovine ranges in length from 50 to 61 amino acids (Wang et al. 2013). Sequencing analysis of this ultralong CDR H3 structure reveals a notable complexity of cysteines, which considered the disulfide-bonded mini-domains may arise during development of the repertoire. The further analysis of crystal structure shows a very unusual architecture of ultralong CDR H3, which is composed of disulfide-bonded ‘‘knob’’ domain on a β strand ‘‘stalk’’ (Wang et al. 2013, Fig. 1). With this unusual structure, these bovine antibodies hold potentials in binding some of the stubbornest targets yet to be recognized by traditional antibodies. In addition, Creative Biolabs is available to provide the humanization services for these bovine ultralong CDR H3 antibodies, thus empowers a new route to develop therapeutic antibody.

Creative Biolabs has developed the unique Native™ Antibody Discovery Platform based on the antigen-specific B lymphocytes cytometry technology. This platform provides a novel strategy to generate plenty of candidate bovine antibodies with native paired heavy- and light-chains and in vivo affinity maturation process. Therefore, the Native™ produced bovine monoclonal antibodies are expected to show higher specificity and affinity than those produced by other techniques. Moreover, the generated native ultralong CDR3 antibodies (if desired) is considered more promising and qualified in subsequent research or humanization.

Creative Biolabs is one of the forward-looking antibody research institution and provider who leads the development of the era while offering the best service to the customers around the world. Our team of seasoned experts in antibody research and development are pleased to share our professional knowledge and technologies to assist our clients’ cutting-edge research and project.

Fig. 1 Comparison between Human antibody and bovine antibody. Fig. 1 Comparison between Human antibody and bovine antibody.


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