ECIA™ CFSE T Cell Proliferation Assay

The ability of antigen-specific lymphocytes to differentiate and proliferate into effector cells is a key characteristic of the immune response. Therefore, it is very important to detect the cell activity and function in vivo or in vitro. Scientists have sought for an efficient procedure with minimal disruption to monitor an immune response for a long time. Until now, the intracellular staining with carboxyfluorescein succinimidyl ester (CFSE) has become a common method to follow lymphocyte differentiation and proliferation in labs.

Based on its ability to penetrate the cell membrane, CFSE is used to monitor cell proliferation and estimate the times of cell division. Conjugated antibodies can be used to probe the change of surface marker or internal molecular expression. CFSE can easily penetrate the cell membrane and covalently bind to the protein in the process of cell division and proliferation. The fluorescence will be evenly distributed to the two offspring cells. And its intensity is half of the parent cells, according to this feature. Hence, the fluorescence intensity gradually reduced with the division of cells. In addition, the labeled cells can be observed for weeks in vivo so that they are normally used in the experiments of cells test and cells activity observation using fluorescent electron microscopy or confocal.

In order to measure the biochemical and biophysical features, stained cells should be analyzed and screened through flow cytometer assay that can rapidly, accurately and specifically analyze single cell in molecular level.

Creative Biolabs has developed a highly efficient ECIA™ CFSE T cell proliferation assay that combines cell proliferation assay and flow cytometry testing to accurately monitor the proliferation of CD4+ cells and the details of T cell responses. ECIA™ CFSE T cell proliferation assay can be applied to not only the preclinical screening of novel pharmaceutical proteins but also detection of the potential T cell epitopes. After communicating about the project objective with each customer. Creative Biolabs will design a cost and time efficient protocol and provide you a personalized service

General Workflow of ECIA™ CFSE T Cell Proliferation Assay

Our ECIA™ CFSE T cell proliferation service including but not limited to:

Ability of CFSE-Labeled OVA-Specific T Cell Receptor Transgenic CD8+ OT-I T Cells Fig.1 Ability of CFSE-Labeled OVA-Specific T Cell Receptor Transgenic CD8+ OT-I T Cells.


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