(Human) Antibody Camelization Services

As a well recognized leader in antibody engineering field, Creative Biolabs is proud to be the single company in the entire world that offers (human) antibody camelization services. Although antibody fragments are well suited for recognition of antigens with a high degree of affinity and specificity, their considerable size obviously impairs their performance when diffusion limits the recognition process as in targeting solid tumors. Single domain antibodies with minimal size and excellent stability have made it one of the most valuable antibody fragments in clinical and diagnostic applications.

Antibody experts of Creative Biolabs are highly professional in single domain antibody field. Based on our unparalleled expertise in phage display library technology and antibody gene repertoires, we have made a large number of synthetic human antibody libraries. Particularly, we have built up a HuSdL® Human Single Domain Antibody Library which produces camelized human antibodies that have a human origin. By screening these libraries, we can obtain camelized human antibodies with the lowest immunogenic potential in humans. Our unique antibody camelization technology allows rapid discovery of large numbers of high potency camelized human single domain antibodies against any therapeutic targets.

(Human) Antibody Camelization ServicesFig. 1 (A) From left to right the composition of a classical antibody (left), a heavy-chain antibody (middle) and a single-domain antigen-binding entity derived from a heavy-chain antibody, the VHH or single domain antibody (right). (B) The sequence organization of the VH and VHH with framework and CDR’s is schematically represented at the top of this panel. Below is the folded structure of the VH (left) and VHH domain (right with its four β-stranded sheet (back) and the five β-stranded sheet in front). (Muyldermans et al. 2009)

Besides premade single domain antibody libraries, scientists of Creative Biolabs also have strong expertise in immunized and synthetic single domain antibody library construction and screening. We also provide service of in silico design of camlized human antibodies. We select the single domain antibody framework with the best homology to human VH backbone, perform CDR grafting in silico, and then run computer based antibody modeling to do back mutations. Combined with construction and screening of a custom single domain antibody library, camelized (human) antibody sequences of the best affinity are guaranteed. We also have extensive experience in single domain antibody affinity maturation and human or humanized single domain antibody production


  1. Muyldermans, S., Baral, T., Retamozzo, V. C., De Baetselier, P., De Genst, E., Kinne, J., Leonhardt, H., Magez, S., Nguyen, V. and Revets, H. (2009) 'Camelid immunoglobulins and nanobody technology', Veterinary immunology and immunopathology, 128(1), 178-183.

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