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Creative Gold Label provides custom gold nanoparticle conjugation services using various types of gold nanoparticles with controlled size to antibodies, peptides, proteins, oligonucleotides, glycans (oligosaccharides / carbohydrates), lipids, drugs, viruses and other biomolecules.

GNPs are nanometer in size that ranges from 2 to 120 nm, which is 100 to 1000 times smaller than human cells. GNPs have many properties that are attractive for use in cancer therapy. They are small and can penetrate widely throughout the body. Importantly, they can bind many proteins and drugs and can be actively targeted to cancer cells overexpressing cell surface receptors. While they are biocompatible, intensive studies have proved their applications in genomics, biosensorics, immunoanalysis, clinical chemistry, detection and photothermolysis of microorganisms and cancer cells, in the targeted delivery of drugs, DNA and antigens, and in optical bioimaging and the monitoring of cells and tissues.

Our revolutionized technology allows any nature derived molecules to be covalently linked to gold nanoparticles quickly and efficiently. In addition, we offer nanoparticles of multifunctionality such as fluorescent gold nanoparticles, antibody gold nanoparticles, PEG, streptavidin, biotin, BSA, carboxyl, amine, sulfhydryl and methyl functionalized particles. Our technology has allowed Creative Biolabs to have the unprecedented ability to conjugate any molecules of your choice with extremely high purity, stability, solubility and, most of all, low cytotoxicity.

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