Antibody-Drug Conjugation Service

One of the critical goals in designing the next generation therapies of cancer and infectious diseases is the precise delivery of therapeutic molecules to the desired target, which allows for the use of highly potent cytotoxic agents without causing significant toxicity and other side effects. This concept is well demonstrated by antibody-drug conjugates (ADC), which are monoclonal antibodies attached to biologically active drugs by synthetic linkers. By conjugating the specific targeting of antibodies to the cancer-killing ability of cytotoxic drugs, ADCs provide sensitive discrimination between healthy and diseased tissue. This technically challenging type of therapy takes advantage of recent innovations from biotechnology and chemistry to open a new avenue for future treatment of malignant diseases.

Antibody-Drug Conjugation Service

As one of the fastest growing classes in anticancer therapeutics, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) have drawn significant interest from both academia and pharmaceutical industry. The first generation ADCs have entered the market more than two decades ago, and have paved the road for second and third generation ADCs despite their limited success. Currently, the major goals to be achieved in making the next generation ADCs include better stability, reduced off-target toxicity, slower clearance rate and higher homogeneity. Thus, methods for antibody engineering, which enable site-specific conjugation, as well as new linker chemistries for optimal drug delivery, are priorities in today’s ADC discovery.

However, the development of new ADCs, which involves multidisciplinary collaboration and well-experienced personnel, can be overwhelming for smaller companies and institutes with limited resources. Even for bigger companies, it is often redundant to do everything “in-house” as more affordable and cost-efficient solutions are available through outsourcing. Here at Creative Biolabs, we offer industry-leading services that cover every step in ADC research to accelerate the success of your projects. No matter what type of assistance you might need, either a single step in linker synthesis or a whole package of developing novel ADCs, we are dedicated to helping you by offering individual-based plans with fast turnaround time and high efficiency.

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